Introduction ix. I Manuel de référence du langage Caml. 1. 1 Définition du langage Caml. 3. Conventions lexicales. 4. Les noms globaux. 8. Valeurs. PDF | On Jan 1, , Pierre Weis and others published Le langage Caml. PDF | On Jan 1, , Xavier Leroy and others published Manuel de référence du langage CAML. Author content. Le repère de l’´ ecran graphique Full-text .

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In “OCaml from the Very Beginning” John Whitington takes a no-prerequisites approach to teaching a modern general-purpose programming language. The main novelty of this work is the use vaml OCaml, instead of the C language that is customary in systems programming.

This book contains over color syntax-highlighted source code examples and dozens of diagrams that elucidate the power of functional programming to explain how lightning-fast and yet remarkably-simple programs langaeg be constructed in the OCaml programming language. It describes interpretation then compilation, with brief descriptions of memory management and type synthesis.

It also provides numerous exercises with solutions. The second part is dedicated to the description of application programs which belong to various fields and might interest various types of readers or students. There are plenty of questions and, crucially, worked answers and camo. Published in This book is notoriously much more than just an introduction to OCaml, it describes most of the language, and is accessible.

  LEI 10460 PDF

It is an introductory programming textbook based on the OCaml language. This book describes both the OCaml language and the theoretical grounds behind its powerful type system. It includes a tutorial of the Caml language, a course on algorithms, data structures, automata theory, and formal logic, as well as exercises with solutions.

Approche fonctionnelle de la programmation. It is suitable both for formal use within an undergraduate or graduate curriculum, and for the interested amateur. The first part of the book is a programming course that initiates the reader to the OCaml language. It serves as a complete reference guide to OCaml. This the official User’s Manual.

This book uses OCaml as a camk to introduce several important programming concepts. Yet, it is simple enough to be manipulated by hand, so that students can actually use it to compute. In order to write correct programs that fulfill their specified needs, it is necessary to understand the precise semantics of the programming language.

There are questions for each chapter together with worked answers and hints. Pierre Weis, Xavier Leroy Second edition: A simplified semantic model is used to describe in a precise manner the features found in most programming languages. In addition to many introductory code samples, this book details the design and implementation of six complete, realistic programs in reputedly difficult application areas: Programming is a discipline by which the strengths of computers can be harnessed: Book Website O’Reilly Amazon.


The book contains more than OCaml programs.

Pierre Weis and Xavier Leroy. The course begins with an introductory lesson on algorithms and a description of the Caml language. This book is suitable for students with some mathematical background, and for everyone who wants to learn the bases of computer science.

Books on Caml

The book adopts a mathematical approach: It attempts to address both practical and theoretical questions. The concepts presented therein and illustrated in OCaml easily transpose to other programming languages.

This book is notoriously much more than just an introduction to OCaml, it describes most of the language, and is accessible.

It describes interpretation and compilation, with brief descriptions of memory management and type synthesis. Book Website Order at Amazon.

Le Langage Caml

It is divided in three parts. Then, several fundamental algorithms are described and illustrated using OCaml programs. It is intended as an accompanying book for basic courses in computer science, but it is also suitable for self-studies. It is divided in three parts. This gives an unusual perspective on systems programming and langagee OCaml.

Carla Limongelli and Marta Cialdea.

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