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VISTA: La Ley No, para el Régimen de las Aduanas del 14 de febrero de VISTA: La Ley No, del 13 de diciembre del , de Reforma Fiscal;. Ley No. Sobre Comercio Electrónico, Documentos Y Firmas Digitales · Ley No. de .. Ley No. sobre Reforma Tributaria. Edward Allen S2c U INGIIS, Clarence ELigh Sic U Full Name: Ley, Robert George; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II.

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The library has no webpage and no online access to its resources. Kavanaugh, John Lincoln Amigo del Hogar,p. He appoints the cabinet of 18 ministers, denominated Secretarios de Estado Secretaries of Statewho assist him in his function.

Guide to Legal Research in the Dominican Republic – GlobaLex

Articles 89 and 90 were enacted which addressed electoral matters. To assure an adequate level of income taxes, eliminate fiscal deficit, and reduce tax evasion, important amendments to the Tax Code were introduced in the years, andmodifying tax figures and institutions.

The Secretaria de Estado de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales Secretariat of State for Environment and Natural Resources is the State agency responsible for the protection of the environment and development of natural resources. Law Firms Some law firms in the Dominican Republic serve as important sources for legal research; they provide in-depth analysis and discussions on legal developments in the Dominican Republic via printed or electronic publications accessible on their homepages, often translated into different languages.

Unfortunately, this effort was not continued and the country still does not have a law reporting system separate from the official Gaceta Oficial publication. About this image Publication Title: This two volume set contains a comprehensive bibliography of monographs and journal titles, and also an index of the periodical legal literature of the Dominican Republic from to Other special courts include: These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships, stations, and activities for the U.


Depending on the size of the District, these courts may be subdivided into Salas Halls.

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Treaties and International Agreements The International treaties for which the Dominican Republic is a signatory, are regulated by Article 3 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, which provides that: Among the most important amendments: Muster rolls of U. Elements of Reform World Bank The reform entailed a profound restructuring of institutions and procedures for adjudicating and registering property rights in the Dominican Republic within the adopted titling system, the Torrens System.

Two years later, on August 16,independence was restored and a Second Republic proclaimed. Structure of the Government.

Other major pieces of legislation regulating the banking and financial system of the Dominican Republic are the following: The first National Constitution was signed, on October 22, The main pieces of legislation regulating the land jurisdiction are the following: Old and nonstandard browsers can put your security at risk, are slow and don’t work with newer features. Info-Compu – This fee-based database indexes the law 575-05 the Dominican Republic from to Several efforts have been made by private entities to develop legal information databases in the 5570-5 Republic.


In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was modified. Legislative Power Legislative power is let in the National Congress, which is composed of two chambers: This latter publication is available electronically.

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Unable to control the country effectively, the then governing authorities ceded the country back to Spain in Code of Criminal Procedure. This new law provides for mandatory and universal coverage of all Dominican nationals and foreigners residing in the Dominican Republic against risks of aging, disability, unemployment, sickness, maternity and childbirth, and labor risks.

The first Constitution of the Dominican Republic was promulgated inimmediately after the nation achieved independence from Haiti. It provides for the full text of the laws passed between to ; the digest of decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice from to ; and the full text of the cases of the Supreme Court of Justice published in the Judicial Bulletins from to The banking system also is subject to the provisions contained in the resolutions dictated by the Junta Monetaria Monetary Board.

The President and Vice-President may be re-elected for one additional period, as provided by the last amendment made to the Constitution in [6]. The prevalent registration system in the Dominican Republic is the Torrens system of real property registration, established by Executive 5557-05 No.

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