The Composition has ratings and 66 reviews. Q_Ayana said: “’Children aren’ t against anything,’ she said. ‘Children are just children. They have to go. Antonio Skarmeta Children’s Literature, Book Lists, Composition, Libros, La composicion – Antonio Skarmeta Little Books, Teaching Kids, Childrens Books. maud vanrykel bac1 inter-trad el autor antonio skármeta: el de noviembre de nació en antofagasta (chile) un descendiente de croatas que dedicó su vida.

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A young boy is asked to write a composition in school about what his family does at night for a contest that the military is sponsoring. Pedro is a boy who shows normal qualities throughout, loving so This story captures the intense, serious topic of dictatorship and forms the circumstance from the perspective of a typical child.

I just wish that more kids were as clever as Pedro. The tense scene when his parents learn about this assignment and then ask him to read what he wrote gives goosebumps. Yet there is an honesty to it, moments that show how actions convey meaning when we don’t have the words.

The Composition by Antonio Skármeta

One day while playing a game, soldiers come and take his friend Daniel’s father. Although this could be a book that can be read to younger students, I think this is a book that would suit middle elementary school aged students the best.

Pedro does not win the prize and brings home his composition one day. Many times the dictatorship constructs its rule through devious and malicious measures that range from tricking and brainwashing young children to giving a false sense of empowerment to older generations.

Antonio Skármeta

Jan 30, Connor Bates rated it really liked it Shelves: They were proud of their clever son for writing a cautious composition. This skwrmeta my students to think critically about the details mentioned in the story the main character mentions Pele the soccer player, prompting my students to hypothesize where the story might take place.


Pedro is a very brave character. The country that the protagonist, Pedro, lives in is ruled by a dictator. During a game, Smarmeta makes a goal but, as he runs in celebration, he notices that everyone else is distracted watching a scene playing out across the street: They use the children to tell on their complsicion and antoino and reward people who reveal what they are doing.

This book is about a boy who, while at school, was asked by the government to write a composition about what their family does at night. Humorous, serious and intensely human, this powerful picture book by Chilean writer Antonio Skarmeta presents a situation all too familiar to children around the world.

I think this story could truly speak to antomio students despite the different circumstances and lifestyle. Why, for instance, do Pedro’s parents antonioo listen to the radio every evening after dinner? Pedro likes to play soccer and wishes his parents would buy him a real soccer ball. Dictatorship crushes individuality and safety of a nation of people.

It also could spark a skareta about making difficult choices. Young Pedro lives in a country run by a dictator. I read it aloud to my seventh grade language arts students. His parents work during the day and spend their nights huddled around the radio listening to news broadcasts.

This story captures the intense, serious topic skaemeta dictatorship and forms the circumstance from the perspective of a typical child. This is truly a reality for a lot of children in the world and yet, this is a good way to make other children realize about the situation facing children all around the world.

This story will help a young reader to grasp how being in a country subjected to a dictatorship can affect a family as well as a whole community.

Entrevista a Antonio Skarmeta

Open Preview See a Problem? Several of the “funny” parts could have been left out to make a stronger story.

The next day at school, Pedro and his classmates are visited by soldiers who work for the government. Or will he reveal that his parents are against the dictatorship?

Although Pedro may not want to lie in his paper, he grows to understand the meaning of living under a dictatorship and recognizes that even something as simple as his atonio composition can have larger repercussions.


Pedro, nine, is very good at soccer, has an easy life, goes to school, does his homework, wishes he had a real soccer ball rather than the cheaper one he owns. The book shows that as powerless as one may seem there is always a possibility to do something against evil. Overall, the story is what drives this text and it covers a political situation that many students have not experienced in a sensitive and true way.

This is one of my favorite stories, filled with so much history and emotional heartbreak from being in times of war and an oppressive society. Great discussion composicoin for a classroom or group. Oct 21, Sunah Chung rated it it was amazing Shelves: A soldier comes to their school and the children must write skarmetq essay about what their family does at night.

This book can be used with older students when studying different types of governments. The government is trying to root out the resistance.

Published in by Groundwood Books Interest Level: And composicon a general from the army is in his own classroom, deman Pedro is a nine-year-old boy living in a country that is run by a dictatorship.

He knows he can’t tell the truth, or his parents will be taken away, as has happened to other friends. The author recognizes how children may have trouble grasping the implications of what Pedro sees. Readers are shown the capacity of power in a way that does not undermine the authority while given with child-friendly language and display.

Of course this is all in the hopes that soldiers can find any families that oppose the dictatorship. This story is a Americas Award winner.

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