The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to LMD system in Algeria. pedagogical practices. innovation. – LMD New System in the Algerian University Hanane SARNOU Mostaganem University, English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria Sabri. The introduction of the LMD system aimed to keep the Algerian university abreast of new trends in higher education to attain the international standards followed.

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Structured questionnaires were formulated in order to identify different uses of ICT and the efficiency of using the ICT. Such as 1 the algeriq When state education reform works.

How is a student of classical system different from an LMD student in terms of knowledge background, language acquisition and learning, and further post-studies chances? The modules, the scoring, the assessment, the teaching materials and above all the teacher-learner rapport all are distinct in the LMD than in the classical system.

It also aims at harmonizing our system of Higher Education, with the rest of the world. Rapid and continued globalization places pressure on Algeria as many countries to reform its higher educational system to improve the quality of university education as well as to offer training courses tailored, diversified and responsive.

The respondents were students of those two different departments. Beside traditional writing on blackboard is concise and teachers can make adjustment and amendment to it if necessary.

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There have been two main reforms of the sector: Because of the nature of this type of research, investigations are often connected with methods such as in-depth interviewing, participant observation and the collection of relevant documents.

Is coordination among teachers of the same teaching unit lmr and worth being adopted by English alferia European Journal of Psychology of Education, 14, — School performance feedback systems: How good are your knowledge and your understanding of new scoring and new ways of assessment under the LMD system as an English teacher?

All in all, ICT as an assisting algrria, cannot replace the dominant role of teachers and it is part of a complete teaching process. Many universities started questioning the efficiency of the new degree system Licence, Master, Doctorate.

It was decided to use in-depth interviewing as the main method to collect data for this study since an interpretative approach qualitative in nature was adopted for the investigation. From the historical background, The Algerian society crossed several reforms, according to the socio-economic needs of the country as well as those of science and technology.

To conceive this influence, a research project was conducted on different groups involved in this educational system: Information regarding need of ICT, its advantage, computer availability, number of computer literates, use of ICT as teaching tool etc.


Skip to main content. The LMD system emphasises on the integration of ICT and multilingualism is translated in addition to a transversal teaching unit in the curriculum comprising compulsory foreign language and ICT courses.

Most students were calling for the official integration of MA graduate students in the status of secondary school teachers, professional grade of 13 and Algerian Higher Education Institutions wlgeria submitted projects proposals through the different call for proposals and have benefited of a total of 56 projects in the calls of proposals: They are called to master not only the discipline they teach but also the methodological competencies that allow them to clearly define the objectives of the learning process as well as the referential of the competence on which the control of the learning process is based.

You are said to be less competent than LMD students of the same level, do you believe in such a stereotype? This paper tries to analyse the necessity of multimedia technology in teaching at Tlemcen Faculty of Science Science SM and Physics ST Departments and also brings out the problems faced in using this technology.

They are as follows: Slgeria, the temporary co-habitation between the two systems until a full disappearance of the classical system renders the organization of teachers and more particularly the evaluation of students more difficult and those that result in the progression and the orientation in the LMD system.

Higher education in Algeria | SPHERE

What was also aimed at was quality education, the satisfaction of the needs of the socioeconomic environment and the adaptation to professions that are continuing to evolve in a world of expanding technological solutions syztem societal problems. Despite the widespread of the Internet and computer applications particularly in the past decade in Algeria, the situation in its universities is tellingly different.

The past, present and future of school improvement: Web browsing was found common among all the respondents. However, the conclusions are based on a limited survey in selected Departments with regard to the prestigious Tlemcenian infrastructures. It should be noted that: The respondents said that they communicate with their teachers through mobile phones.


An explorative study into the organizational culture of secondary schools and their effects. Information and communication technology, professional development and the formation of communities of practice.

Consequently, the role of teachers has been modified for the reason that it suits the freedom given and prescribed for the learner. Another aim was to insure the best governance possible in order to relieve universities from too strong bureaucracies.

They must be given opportunities for acquisition of new knowledge. The results suggest that despite the newness of the LMD as a new reform and systej lack of supplying more pedagogical training for teachers and students in university before LMD implementation, Algerian teachers are optimistic about the complete adoption of the LMD system, and thus expect that they can face all sorts of problems in overcoming the difficulties and establishing and mastering the use lmdd ICTS in their classrooms.


Given the role played by the university in the training of responsible executives at the service of our society, everything depends on the teacher.

AWEJ – LMD New System in the Algerian University

Teaching itself must focus on the guidance of teachers and be student-centred, which we believe is one of the principles for teaching. Classical system or licence students have two terms of exams and two makeup-exams a year while English LMD students have two semesters each one is composed of three kinds of evaluation: It is our hope that teaching makes students adopt the outlook cognition from perceptual recognition to rational apprehension, and greatly leap from perceptual thinking to rational thinking; therefore, it is the major objective in teaching.

The case for school self- evaluation. Data collection instruments The data collection instruments used in this research study are a semi-structured audio-taped interview guide that contained 10 items and a questionnaire given to the students mentioned before for the purpose of getting some analysis of their experience as the first generation who welcomes this reform. The LMD new reform might be new up to now; assessing in the LMD system might be seen as complicated for most teachers mainly those in charge of tutorials.

Linking school effectiveness and school improvement. Although they are not representative, most of these studies highlight positive impacts of teacher training with ICT, such as increasing teacher self-assurance and aptitude in the use of IT resources by providing them fully equipped multimedia portable computers MPTP or by supporting online teacher communities.

The LMD system, as the latest new reform applied in the Algerian universities, aims at bringing the Algerian diploma to the universality and the Algerian student to a higher level of learning on the one hand and to the business world on the other. This can be made possible by promoting ICT-based training programs introduced in their curriculum.

The inferences drawn from the feedback shows that web browsing ranks first among all the respondents using Internet facility.

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