LOGIX si OVERVIEW. The Logix si is a two-wire, mA input digital valve positioner. The Logix si positioner controls single-acting actuators with . Mounting of the Logix si Positioner on a Linear Pneumatic Actuator. ( NAMUR / IEC document describes the setting and use of the Logix si. Available Logix + Models. Part of the versatile Logix positioner series the Logix + and Logix + digital positioners fulfill the ever growing.

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The version codes are 501si by adding up the numbers assigned according to the following table: On Enables an auto tune feature that will automatically determine the positioner gain settings every time a QuickCal is performed based on the setting of the rotary Gain switch. Fit and check O-rings and positioner to actuator and secure with 2 x screws 3.

This communication signal is superimposed on the DC mA current signal. Secure with 4 x M6 screws 2. O-rings, screws, standard temp. The control algorithm in the processor performs control calculations and produces an output command to the piezo valve, which drives the pneumatic amplifier.

Attach the positioner to the pre-assembled mounting bracket and fasten it with two hexagon head screws and two lock washers. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The microprocessor-based electronic control module includes direct local user interface switches 2. Control tuning parameters not correct 3.


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Wiring and grounding guidelines This must be completed for proper calibration. Install PC board 2 on screws 1secure with 3 x screws 3. If an elevated zero is needed a handheld or other PC based configuration software is required.

Optional analog feedback system as well as limit switch unit and a directly attachable double acting module. The grounding screw, located inside the positioner cover, should be used to provide the unit with an adequate and reliable earth ground reference. To set these parameters llogix refer to the appropriate communications tool manual.

Notify proper personnel that the valve will not respond to remote command changes, and make sure the valve is properly isolated. O-rings, screws, low temp.

Logix si series Digital Positioners Operation Maintenance

In such cases pay particular attention to personal protection protective clothing, gloves, glasses etc. Analog output span too small – The lofix must be calibrated to a range greater than 3. Connect the outlet connector Figure 8 of the positioner with tubing, independent of the action direct or reverse. Notify proper personnel that the valve will stroke, and make sure the valve is properly isolated.

Any sequence starting with a yellow light indicates that the unit is in a special calibration or test mode, or that there was a calibration problem. Stroke not calibrated 2. Input loop calibration A loop calibration, requiring an external current source, will be started when the Loop calibration button is pressed with a small object with the switch in the Input position.


The infinite resolution valve position sensor.

Flowserve Logix 510si Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions Manual

Fast calibration and setup can be made by simply pressing the Quick-Cal button. Stroke 510su actuator carefully and ensure the follower arm does not interfere with valve parts, actuator or positioner. Check the two switching points and repeat the adjustment steps 1 to 6, if necessary. Set the switching point of the limit switch by adjusting the cam of the upper switch.

While the calibration is in pro- gress you will notice a series of different lights flashing indicating the calibration progress. Shipping weights Shipping weights with pressure gauges: Cycle power and complete a Quick-Cal if needed.

Disabled retains the last configuration in memory from the last successful calibration before the switch was set to Disabled. A coalescing air filter is recommended for all applications due to the close tolerances in the positioner.

Adjust the signal to the correct range and re-do the calibration. GGGG No errors, alerts, or warnings.

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