The VS-C25 is a long retractable soot blower for travels up to 25 feet. long retractable sootblower. Diamond P. Diamond Power International, Inc. ower International, Inc. For further information contact: or further information contact. IK Long Retractable Sootblower. Diamond Power’s IK retractable soot blower is the industry standard for online boiler cleaning needs. Learn More.

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A translation spur gear is also attached to the main drive shaft and this retractale gear is engaged with another spur gear located on the pinion shaft directly above. These two spur gears provide the forward and reverse travel of the soot blower. Otherwise, the soot will be ejected into the outside retravtable through the chimney stack. IKSD-E Recovery Boiler Sootblower This proven, heavy-duty sootblower’s construction is suitable for up to 24 operations per day or more depending on steam conditionsand offers a logical balance between initial cost and lifetime maintenance.

Retractable sootblowers are available in different versions for specific requirements and travels up to 66 ft. Select your geographic region to submit a sales or service rerractable Newer Post Older Post Home. Retrzctable Scene Sootblower Carriage Take special care of the surface of poppet valve to prevent oxidation and corrosion from steam.

Steam is normally used as a medium for blowing away the soot since capital cost of steam pressure reducing equipment and drain is less than the cost of compressorsmotors and control of air systems. Dual rack and pinion design makes the traveling carriage move more balanced during bliwer forward and reverse travel.


Views Read Edit View history. Diamond Power Hydrojet Retractable. They are used in the higher temperature zones of the boiler to remove ash build up on the boiler tubes.

Retractable Sootblower | Clyde Bergemann

All of our retractable sootblowers were designed according to the conditions of a steam generator to ensure trouble-free operation. Dimension of rake soot blower is limited to 5 m length and 3 m width.

Bliwer deposited on the heating surfaces of a boiler acts as a heat insulator. Boiler Monitoring, Cameras and Diagnostics. The IK-9M retractable sootblower is designed specifically for low maintenance, reliability, versatility and maximum cleaning performance.

This page was last edited on retractqble Octoberat The IKSL is a retractable cleaner designed for application in which the cleaner inserts and retracts the lance tube without rotation. On the right side: If the boiler is equipped with a dust collectorit will trap the soot. View our Boiler Monitoring Systems. Every retractable sootbower comes standard with the industry leading multiple blowing pattern multi-progressive helix indexing system.

For all of you boiler cleaning needs including: Diamond Power IK Sootblower. Learn more about Titanium. A soot fire can be damaging to a boiler because it can cause localized hotspots to occur in the tubes. Over many different starts of operation the venturi nozzles will return to their intitial starting position so that degree sooot is obtained.

Designed specifically for low maintenance, reliability, versatility and maximum cleaning performance.

Learn More about Diamond Power Sootblowers. Or find your local sales and service phone number Call Us Now. The HydroJet-R cleaning system extends the articulating nozzle into the furnace, vastly improving cleaning area coverage and effectiveness.


A rugged sootblower for the utility market that is designed for heavy duty rteractable jobs.

: : Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. : :

Designed for use on furnace wall surfaces where slag deposits are not removed by steam or air supplied wall sootblowers. The IK is designed for very large coal-fired utility boilers. About News Investors Careers Resources. The result is that less heat is transferred to the water to raise steam and more heat is wasted up the chimney.

IK Long Retractable Sootblower A rugged sootblower for the utility market that is designed for heavy duty cleaning jobs. In other words, the lance tube rotates clockwise in the forward travel and retractab,e in the reverse travel. Sonic soot blowers – explaining the use of acoustic technology to clear the soot.

Soot blower

The VS-C45 also has an intermediate lance and feed tube support assembly. Using the most effective cleaning nozzle on the market, cleaning impact is maximized with a minimal amount of blowing media. Long Retractable Sooot Blower Soot blowers that are installed in steam boiler commonly can be classified as:.

The soot, which is removed from the heating surfaces, will be blown out with the flue gases.

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