MACO International; Bulgaria; China; Germany; France; Italy; Croatia; Netherlands; Austria RUSTICO Shutter hardware: Wall cladding and wall assembly. MACO Rustico is a high quality hardware for timber, aluminum and PVC shutters. MACO Rustico components: shutter hinges shutter locks shutter catches The. Available colours. MACO-RUSTICO hardware components are available in three different colours with the same PREMIUM-PLUS surface-finish structure.

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When using PVC or aluminium profiles, contact the profile manufacturer to determine the weight per square meter.

Catalogue part no e-catalogue part no as CD-ROM Installation information – frame installation part no Installation information – masonry installation part no 8. They combine the aspects of well-being, modern architecture and energy efficiency.

The product information provided in Mack 1.

At least once every year a thorough cleaning and application of oil is required. Among its features, there are.

For stylish façades

Read these instructions More information. Manufacturers obtain the latest product information, especially assembly instructions and operating and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer and pass on these documents to the maxo or end user Disclaimer The manufacturer’s liability can also be excluded, among other things, If the fault is attributed to a regulation or an official ruling, to which product compliance was stipulated Characteristics of the product, which have given rise to the claim against the manufacturercould not be fustico as a fault according to the conditions of science and technology at the time The claim against mavo manufacturer only involves a basic material or a part product that was manufactured, and the fault is due to the construction of the product that was incorporated into the basic material or the part product, or as a result of instructions issued by the manufacturer of this product Product information The following documents contain mandatory regulations for the use of shutter hardware: Non-compliance shall release the manufacturer from this liability Product information and proper use “Shutter hardware” is deemed to be hardware for windows and balcony door shutters hereinafter referred to as “shutters” in building construction.


Nr Nr C Determining sash sizes for installation of RUSTICO shutter hardware Application ruztico show the permissible shutter width-to-height ratios with varying square metre weights; these weights depend on the shutter material timber, PVC, etc. GEZE closers We have a wide macp of closers available in both scissor arm and slide rail versions.

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Even in coastal areas you will enjoy a long service life of your shutter hardware with only a small maintenance effort. The home owner can prolong the hardware service life by good care and maintenance. One Source for Wall Systems. Please print your name in capital letters Date: Protection from dust and water jets NEW: If you have any questions about your ability to complete the procedure, call Andersen.

Hardware combination The manufacturer s regulations that cover the combination of original MACO components or such components that fully correspond to these original components for example the use of additional frame hinges, consoles, sash hinges or run-up blocks, as well as the use of optional components are obligatory and also contained in the product information. This shade has a reliable long-lasting Spring Motor. For surface treatment e.

Salzburg district court Registration number: It stands out by its unique functionality and original style.

Our hardware will add a stunning accent to your living environment and maximize its space. Differing applications do not correspond to their proper use.

Write the product s. Avoid surface damage Avoid or remove soiling from paintwork The hardware may only be cleaned or polished with mild, phneutral cleaning agents in diluted form. Failure to comply with insdamage. Wash away salt deposits with fresh water.

As a solution for energy-saving construction, RUSTICO provides a system for fastening onto wall insulation ruztico all types of shutter catches. Prerequisite for a correct installation of the. Components Shutter hardware Shutter hinges.

Maco Rustico | Koral 99

Crank opener overall length Minimum pin depth see Section 1. K Plus covered containers Universal container K the original since Often copied but never equalled or bettered More information.


L mm Caution The correct installation methods of windows in full frame or insert applications is critical towards achieving the tested performance of the window and longterm enjoyment and energy savings for. Inhalt Der Nachweis umfasst insgesamt 15 Seiten. Vitotec 1 Manual, Index 16 Vitosol Type s 1.

The beauty and elegance. All shutter holders and locks must be installed so that they are held securely in the open and close position! Failure msco adhere to these guidelines can result in the damage listed under “Misuse of shutters”, including the risk of serious injury to persons and considerable damage to property.

Folding shutter rods black-s white-s black-s grey-s white-s Crank opener accessories folding shutter rods for crank opener for multi-sashed shutters folding shutter rods for crank opener for multi-sashed shutters folding shutter rods for crank opener, 90 opening for multi-sashed shutters top and bottom locking hook for folding shutter rods for multi-sashed shutters top and bottom locking hook for folding shutter rods for multi-sashed shutters top and bottom locking hook for folding shutter rods for multi-sashed shutters Packers for folding shutter rods black for locking hook for 10 mm distance for locking hook for 20 mm and 30 mm distance white for rutico hook for 10 dustico distance for locking hook for 20 mm and 30 mm distance.

Use the examples below to determine which important information can be read from the diagrams ruxtico ensure correct hardware selection and shutter installation: The maximum permissible sash weight is determined by the component with the smallest load capacity.


Quality fittings for windows. Such cleaning agents will destroy the the passivation and as a result, speed up corrosion. Multiply the weight of a cubic meter of the timber used by the shutter thickness specified in meters.

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