Definition of Magia Posthuma. Learn about occultism with hundreds of definitions in the paranormality glossary of occultism. On several occasions, particularly on the periphery of the Habsburg Empire during the 17th and 18th centuries, dead people were suspected of being revenants. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Triumph Of The Nocturnal Depths on Discogs.

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There were several whose bodies he bruised all over, and reduced them to the utmost weakness, so that they grew pale, lean and disfigured.

Studien zur Genese, Bedeutung und Funktion.

I recently posted about the book Vampires: In the meantime we are still looking msgia to the ultimate, all-inclusive vampire encyclopedia So in these lovely surroundings the well-known Serbian vampire case concerning a certain Peter Plogojowitz was investigated in ! One encounters warnings such as, “The actual scripts or texts of exorcisms are difficult to characterize According to other authors, such a corpse is finally cremated.

An old legend tells of a potter’s wife, who lived in the middle of the 14th century and is claimed to have practised evil sorcery and as a punishment became a vampire. Monday, 8 October Calmet on ebay. Claude Lecouteux mentions the shepherd from Blov under the classification ‘Rufer’ someone who yells or calls out in the German translation of his book on vampires, as the deaths of his victims are caused by him saying aloud their names and thereby probably calling them to him.

One tale was that of the shepherd from Blov in Bohemia situated northwest of Prague at approximately latitude What is especially terrifying about the vampire and the witch is their ambiguity – their ability to be among us without detection, and, in the case of the vampire, their ability to pass across borders undetected.

Magia Posthuma

If we can make no philosophical or psychological sense of evil, it may be that this political sense is all there is. On this background magis home of the vampire displaced itself from Serbia and Hungary over Moravia and Silesia to Poland and Lithuania. Their pages are meant postjuma be aspersed posthumx holy water, singed by the fire of the baptismal candle, clouded with the smoke of incense, and spat upon by seething demoniacs.


Looking at the archives from the conferences it is obvious that not much has been said on the subject of this blog since the first conference in The trials also provided a legal forum to discredit the fellow congregationalists of alleged vampires who, in the recorded msgia in Hungary’s southern border areas, were Slovenes, Serbs or other aliens.

This feedback has mostly been via private e-mail, In that respect the blog has been a success, but hopefully this is only the beginning of establishing some more contact between those of us who are seriously interested in putting the early modern tales and books on vampires and other revenants in their historical and folkloric context.

Various objects were found inside the grave after it was discovered in see the description in English and German below. I thought, this is incredible: In Bohemia about one mile from Cadan in a village called Blow a certain shepherd called Myslata died. Sunday, 25 October After years: So when posthjma got there, the msgia man knocked on the window, and a woman came and opened for him.

Later this month, on Septemberit is time for the conference, and at some time the program will probably be available on the web site.

Magia Posthuma – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

She is about 2. Evidently this makes it possible to get some understanding of what was understand by Magia. The same is the case with the one over whose corpse, while it is still in the house of mourning, a cat jumps.

Regular visitors of this blog probably would like to have at their fingers’ ends all these and other books on the subject.

However, I might add that those familiar with e. In seeking to understand human evil it asks the question whether evil exists at all, and one possible answer I take very seriously is that it does not. I find this a bit surprising, as Lewin is otherwise referred to as being in Bohemiaand there is in fact a Lewin Levin in that part of the Czech Republic. Sie wurden zum Ausdruck einer barbarischen Welt stilisiert, von der sich das zivilisierte Europa abgrenzen konnte.


As is common in some texts, the word sanguisuga is used as the Latin equivalent of “vampire”. The postuuma gives an interesting insight into many things that have a bearing on our subject of Magia Posthuma, vampires and other revenants.

Magia Posthuma: Vampyrismus & Magia posthuma

I do, however, think it was done in a relatively respectful way, and the few people who were actually going around the cemetery seemed powthuma act responsibly. Before Calmet ‘s Dissertations this was the only book that attempted to collect more or less all available knowledge on vampires and comment on the authors who had themselves commented on Ranft’s Latin first edition.

Saturday, 6 October Magic and Superstition in Europe. The story of a corpse in Egtved.

He had a voluminous digest of all the judicial cases, from which he had extracted a system of principles that appear to govern—some always, and others occasionally only— the condition of the vampire. Hic omni nocte surgens circuibat omnes villas in circuitu hominus terrendo et iugulando et loquebatur. For some recent information and discussion concerning the book Magia Posthumalook here! But then on christmas eve when the people at the rectory had dined, they began to talk about the corpse, and they promised a crazy old cowherd who wanted a drink, that if he went to the church and gave the corpse a spoonful of porridge, then he would get half a pint of brandy.

And why has it had such a grip on the public consciousness since the fifteenth century?

A vigorously pursued and dogmatically justified campaign against the widely feared vampires, however, offered a useful lever with which to re-establish the Catholic Church’s dominant position and reassert its spiritual influence in the mixed border areas.

Egtved is a town in Jutland in Denmark which is famous for the find of a Mabia age woman, the so-called Egtved girl.

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