Japanese Riichi Yaku List Hand Composition Yaku All Simples – Tanyao – (1) • Hand must not contain terminals, or 1’s or 9’s Triplet of Dragons, Round Wind. Yaku are hand patterns and/or luck situations in rīchi mahjong. To win a hand, besides it being a complete hand, it must have at least one scoring element. Mahjong on selfdraw (Tsumo). A player who has at least one yaku, can always declare mahjong, even if he is furiten. Riichi. Waiting on a concealed hand.

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Retrieved from ” http: Japanese-language versionApril 4, In general rules, the yaku is achieved if a non-dealer completes a hand with a discard before the first self-drawing when no one has declared open melds. Four quads in one hand, which can be open or closed.

As a note, the sequence of are actually three groups of sequences numbered, and Usually, paarenchan is not a true yaku and the dealer must still have another yaku to declare a win, but this is magjong always the case.

A closed quad can be declared after a declaration of ready when the fourth tile of a triplet is drawn. A rule says that players can win on mahjnog players’ first discard and thus some players can go out after the first draw, and another says that players must win on the dealer’s first discard.

Contents [ show ]. The following table details yaku and yakuman hands that are usually not recognized as valid but may appear in house rules. The Japanese name of the yakukokushi musoumeans “a peerless distinguished person in a country.

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Houtei raoyui means “to scoop up a swimming fish from the riverbed.

Japanese Mahjong yaku – Wikiwand

Claiming a riichi discard Mahhong another player claims a riichi discard to make open melds, the player who declared ready discards the next tile sideways. This yaku may apply to any closed hand.

Some yaku can be combined for it, using dora tiles if a hand has them. The hand contains thirteen tiles such that there are no pairs and no number tiles closer than 3 apart from one another, plus an additional one of any of the tiles in the hand.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since no interruptions are allowed, all of these hands must be closed. This hand is composed of seven pairs. When draws occur after ready hand declarations, any riichi deposits carry-over and are placed near the countersmahjlng the next winner receiving those riichi deposits.

Mahjong yaku

The hand is often recognized only if no other player called any discard from the player’s discard pile. Some say the player must be a dealer from the first time. When a player’s hand needs only one tile to win tenpai and the player has not claimed another players’ discards to make open meldsthen the player has the option to declare riichi.

If the 14 tiles that the dealer draws complete a hand, yakuman is awarded regardless of its contents. As there are varieties of rules, this hand can be closed only. This yaku is often called reach because its Japanese name is phonetically similar to the English word.

Some conditions on the limit hands can render themselves double the value. When the hand is won by drawing from the wall, as an exception, in most rules the two fu for the self-drawing are not awarded. Kuisagari – Takame and yasume – Compatibility. The yaku are comparable to “poker hands”. The honors can be two or more sets.

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The player owes no penalty if other players make open melds or closed quads after the declaration that prevents the player from drawing another tile.

However, not all these patterns are included in the standard rules. If no requirement is stated, the hand can be open or closed and the yaku is worth the same number of han in either case. Normally, a hand is a draw when four quads are made by two or more players. Players can choose the composition so that the value of the hand becomes the highest.

Japanese Mahjong yaku

Finally, when it comes to points scoring, the total number of han mhajong the hand is counted. A hand must be a draw abortive draws not applied. Some yakuman hands can themselves be combined to form multiple yakuman.

For completion, one tile may be paired. In most mwhjong, if a draw occur after a ready hand declaration, resulting in ending the game such as exhaustive draws in the final round with the last dealer not ready to win or exhaustive draws causing one or more players to reach a negative scorethe game ends with the riichi deposits unclaimed.

Player A then has to pay the full value of the hand. The yaku yakh their values are essential for scoring.

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