Download your free PDF file of the dodge caliber on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. INTRODUCTION. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and. Workshop Manual. Dodge Caliber Workshop Manual; (5, Pages). (Free) Owners Manual. Dodge Caliber Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free).

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I just create a page on Facebook pleaase write your concern there and let us see if we have to go to court or Dodge can understand that issue and fix it accordingley. Really hate this car! owndrs

Dodge Caliber – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Posted on 16 Apr, Model: Possibly in the fall will be getting rid of it, but never ever again will I buy a Dodge. At times the RPM’s will stay at 3k for while until I let off the gas and reapply. If that doesn’t work, maybe we should try the newspapers or something to generate more public awareness how badly the consumer is getting ripped off from the manufacturer on this problem.

Then take the cover off the old TIPM and remove four screws. If anyone’s still having problems with their headlights on the 07 Dodge Caliber, there was a news segment on ABC15 recently that’s pretty helpful in explaining what you should look into doing.

I drove a little bit more and the speed went down to 10 mile mph and it wouldn’t go over that speed Reduced half my bill so I can get my car out the shop. It turned out to be an issue with a fuse, which I had to remove and reinsert. AHoliinger answered 6 years ago. My car had the same problem year ago.

My problems are just starting Can you imagine how expensive this can be for us in Venezuela? The company that manufactured this piece of equipment wont consider a recall until there is loss of life or enough damage considered to have been caused directly by the product to avoid” Law Suits”, or last but not least you have enough people to fight to have a recall on the TIPM module.


I to having being having problems with my POS car. This is ridiculous, I too am facing same problem now with my Dodge Caliber SXT the driver side headlight is out unless I turn highbeams on! Hello my name is Alice and I own a dodge caliber about a month ago in June my engine light popped on and I drove a little bit more and then all of my other lights came on gas, oil, brakes etc.

The weirdest thing ever.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Lamp will flash on and off for 60 seconds callber a system fault is detected. Shelly answered 5 years ago. We bought our caliber new.

I’m on board for looking at some sort of compensation. I’ve had alternator replaced several times, battery repl several times, my interior dash lights half work, my cig lighter n 12v won’t work.

Can i even get rid of ,anual car if i still have payments? MzMCarney answered 5 years ago. You can run the wire in and out of the core support across the front to hide the wire dode keep it away from moving parts of the engine.

Towed it right to the dealership and was told the entire fuse box needed to be replaced As an added safety feature, your vehicle has been equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system TPMS that illuminates a low tire pressure telltale when one or more of your tires are significantly under-inflated. My steering locked as well.

I tried to get HID lights to see if they could just go around the light not caoiber but the guy told me that there is for sure power going to the headlight manuall but for some reason it’s not powering the bulb. Aworth answered 4 years ago. You need to disconnect the hoses into the air intake box, take out the air filter and the box itself it just pulls up and pushes back on.

DrewShady12 answered 3 years ago. Just want to get through this winter as I have no problems in the warmer months. I want to be involved in any possible chance of forcing a recall on this car. What could be the problem causing the stalling?


Dodge Caliber Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Everything is colour coded, so you can reconnect the new one easily. I let it sit for an hour and had my son return to pick it up and brought the car back to the house and I asked him whats wrong he said he didn’t know but he reset the fuse box and started working at that time.

I went through several headlights trying to avoid something major but sure enough. Anyone think they might do a recall some time soon.

Unhappydodgeowner answered 4 years ago. I replaced battery but that wasn’t the problem We bought a caliber for my son’s first car a couple of months ago.

I am from North Carolina, so the temps are warmer and weather is completely different than up north. I, too like many others is being overcharged to replace the TIPM fuse box.

The fuse box is expose to rain and salt at winter time so the more u drive the more it get expose so only dodte matter of time for every dodge caliber owners. I also replaced the TIPM and altogether with labor it cost not to mention the other ownegs spent on mechanics who couldn’t figure it out. I agree we need to contact Chrysler as a “group” with this same issue to get results. The car is a and is now falling apart one thing after the other.

Your Vehicle Dashboard

Rytis answered 4 years ago. I too have a problem with my low beam not coming on at all on one side of the car. I’m still making payments until May.

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