Download your free PDF file of the dodge caliber on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. INTRODUCTION. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and. Workshop Manual. Dodge Caliber Workshop Manual; (5, Pages). (Free) Owners Manual. Dodge Caliber Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free).

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I just called Crysler customer service and had them certify my call, please call to inform this problem so we may get reimbursedsave your receipts if you had work done!! I agree with you these cars are too new to be having issues like this.

Dodge Caliber – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

I am shocked at the problems everyone is facing. That should be it. I am having an issue with my left head light and left high beam. Hey guys my name’s mat I drive a yellow caliber with the 2.

2007 Dodge Caliber — Owner’s Manual

Speard the word maybe we can see a result!! I definitely want to be apart of any law suit or complaint so we can work on getting this recalled. Can someone please email me and help me hdominguez15 hotmail.

Hopefully something will come of this. I just called Crysler and had them document my issues as well as my info.


This TIPM Board is made in such a way that it is not a question of what will quit working or break but when To all cqliber peeps that own a Dodge Caliber with the left low beam headlight out and facing a huge repair bill please read. I was appalled, why should I have to replace such an integral part after the length of time that I’ve had the car.

Ownere speak from experience.

Asked by canadacaliber Jan 31, at He knows one person who has replaced this part 3 times. Now the “regulators” are out on both back windows.

2007 Dodge Caliber – Owner’s Manual (360 pages)

I have a green 40 that has four places for fuses, and a red 10 and an empty space for a red 30 or 40? I have just one head light that will not come on. Count me in for a recall petition we shouldn’t be paying for this when the manufacturer should be responsible to inform us about this problem and take care of it.

Dodge needs to step up and adress this TPIM issue! Please let me know if a group gets together about the TIPM. Hello my name is Alice and I own a dodge caliber about a month ago in June my engine light popped on and I drove a little bit more and then all of my other lights came on gas, oil, brakes etc.


dodgge Like return it to the dealer? I opened that box and found one out of 4 relays broken off and corroded First the low beam went out and I could still use the high beam but after a while the high beam also went out.

I’m on board for looking at some sort of compensation. My email is Seb85 live. Hi, Thought that I do not type in this post but I’m doing it right now, I bought a car and there was not working right front light dkdge as I have experience with cars so thought that nothing more than a bulb or fuse will be but after bulb check I was started to read in web about calibers you probably know why.

I like the car but too many issues too soon. caliberr

Official Mopar Site | Owner Vehicle Dashboard

Driving on a significantly under-inflated tire causes the tire to overheat and can lead to tire failure. I have a dodge caliber.

There are many, many more people out there with this exact same issue going on. Swimgirl answered 4 years ago.

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