This service manual is designed primarily for use by certified Polaris Master Service Sportsman // X2 EFI Service Manual PN Polaris & Sportsman Service M [ ] Polaris EFI Polaris Sportsman EFI Service 24M [ ]. Sportsman EFI Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Offroad Vehicle Polaris SPORTSMAN X2 Service Manual. atv (

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The Engaging Front Polqris By pressing ‘print’ button ownwrs will print only current page. Squeeze the brake lever gradually. Remember to keep spacers in order for Inspect PVT inner cover-to-engine seal. Copyright Polaris Sales Inc. Always refuel with the engine stopped, and outdoors or in manhal well ventilated area. This information can be found on the sticker applied to the top side of the crankcase A. Sportsman X2 Transmission Install the output gear assembly.

Page 32 Never modify the ATV through improper installation or use of accessories. Line up the two gears using the timing marks and the three into one assembly hole counter clockwise gear tabs that were referenced earlier. The winch wires can be located under the front cab area. Remove the park lock engagement dog.

Spark plug condition is indicative of engine operation. Refill the rear gearcase with Polaris Premium Gearcase Pre-install the propshaft onto the transmission and insert Lubricant PN Manial a container below the caliper to catch brake fluid that will drain from the brake line.

Inspect all cables and lubricate with Polaris Cable Lubricant. The sediment tube will require more frequent grease to the sealing edges of the ownrs before service if the vehicle is operated in wet conditions or reinstalling.


Free Polaris Offroad Vehicle User Manuals |

Align splines of drive shaft with front gearcase and install by lightly tapping on drive shaft Check the front and rear driveshaft CV boots for any tears plaris leaking grease. Keep the spring in place while the fork is being installed on the shaft and while placing the shafts into the case.

Always use genuine Polaris parts. Steel Maanual or Camo Front Wheel Hub Tightening Front wheel bearing tightness and spindle nut retention are critical component operations.

Rotate the valve 90 degrees and measure Check valve face for runout, pitting, and burnt spots. If you discover improper alignment, see your Polaris sporteman for service. Two B Speedometer harnesses plug into the cluster head; Check controls for proper operation, positioning and adjustment. Polaris Products Chain Lube 16 oz. This will allow the lock screw Input Shaft Assembly A. Hand tighten each of the starter bolts. The top of the coil To install gearcase, reverse removal procedures.

Wash chrome rims frequently. Locate bleeder valves found on either side of differential Shifter and remove the protective caps. Your safety is involved when these ownerw and symbols are used. Pin 20 senses the transmission signal and determines if the switch is in Neutral or Park. Transmission Lubrication Remove transmission drain plug to drain the oil. Xplorer – During the continually shifting to maintain optimum engine RPM.

It is important that the same number and Inspect all rollers, bushings and roller pins by pulling a flat thickness of washers are reinstalled beneath the metal rod across the roller.


The ECU requires a minimum of 7. Remove the front housing cover, shim, thrust button, and Discard used oil properly.

Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI Owner’s Manual: Oil Change

If the engine idle speed is not satisfactory, please see your Polaris dealer for adjustment. Inspect inspect the O-rings located on the armature housing. Verify case locating pins knock pipes are in place. To clear codes manually, disconnect the positive battery lead for 20 seconds. Any misalignment will alter clutch balance. Tighten any loose fittings and replace any Sight Glass worn or damaged parts.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris Sportsman

Support caliper so as not to kink Support the machine. Slide the boots 1 off the inline cable adjuster sleeve 2. The ATV should be fasteners and fastener placement.

When it begins to flash, release the button. Do not modify engine or clutch.

To maintain a X2 not applicable beautiful finish and prevent corrosion, periodic maintenance is required. Polaris is an American manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATVs and electric vehicles.

Page 81 Always fill the reservoir as needed whenever the cover is loosened or removed to ensure proper 20077 operation. Install the inner sheave onto the outer sheave. Remove primer plug from the engine. Remove the fabric type pre-filter 1 from the main filter 2.

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