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If I look like everyone else, aren’t I likely to be like everyone else?

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It does sound presumptuous to assume that, because a member of the opposite sex speaks to me first, or feels up my hand when handing me coins, she’s Choosing me, but it usually is the case.

Hoes will wonder what I do and if I’m too out of their league to step to. Endeavouring to meet women’s needs. He keeps chiseling away at the inessentials until the truth of its creation is revealed without obstructions.

If I told them that they needed pimppin wear shades at night they would do. For example if your Asian why would you date a white girl? Well, they are right. The contents of 21s people’s cerebrums don’t acknowledge the Laws Of Reality, truths that we aren’t taught at school, but they are as relevant to us as gravity. What I’m trying to tell you is ParadiseTake a college student; we’ll call him Simon.

I’m catching a hoe’s eye repeatedly, yet reducing qge by not constantly being there. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The return I receive on it is when it makes more hoes want to invest in me.


Violations will result in criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. Liking them is the only reason I need to buy them. Stutters if put under any pressure. I have literally walked past hoes in the street, then pimpni minute later when they spot me get into my ride, they grease my paint work and poke their snouts in the window.

Irrelevant of any other aspect of either person’s life. I have only been able to speak to one of his friends that he visited in the United States, but I am highly impressed at his capabilities and persona. When I understand what forces are at work here, I’ll be more powerful than the rear end of a space shuttle. The lesser Evil wrote:. I may need to Package this to her. Some hoes will have straight snared the symp with the largest Clout they could find to take them down the isle.

You always have to be operating in a position of power by being chosen. The first and most basic principle that you have to understand from the book is that the woman chooses.

They are not creators, they spend, they are selfish, they are vain and they love attention. I’m not watching tennis. A book that was discovered upon desperation after years of frustration, cengury, turmoil and rejection? The reasons for the Law are numerous. They’re prime hoe magnets. I’m truly interested in 21s people. What I bear in mind is that people only talk about you if you are “valuable. I may sit somewhere else in the club for a change and observe if she reacts.


This afternoon a woman approached me in a car park, not in my hometown, asking if I wanted her ticket that still had an hour left on it. Because I always saw green binary code around me, not the Matrix.

She says cdntury doesn’t like me. This is another blind spot for hoes.

21st Century Fox – Space Age Pimping – [PDF Document]

Iceberg SlimA hoe isn’t going to Choose me for longer than 2st takes for her to agw to her senses, if I’ve not got the Clout and she’s in the frame of mind where she’s wanting to dump her symp.

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Think deeply and you will be rewarded deeply. Most men don’t take real advantage of such an opportunity. An immaculate appearance subconsciously conveys this, so does physical fitness. Where power is, love is not. I let my image express my Clout and personality, and buy what’s within my range.

I don’t seek approval, nor do I fear disapproval. You get the picture.

Infinite Dreams; 2nd edition Language:

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