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There wasn’t a spot on Zapala’s gleaming, holyston- ed decks nor anything out ol order In that part of the yacht which he took a reporter to see. Pittsburgh 4, Cincinnati 3. The slogans are limited to 15 words In length. UP El Presidente Truman pronun- ciar un discurso a las dos de la tarde del Jueves, el cual ser transmitido a la nacin por radio, poco despus que el General MacArthur hable ante la sesin conjunta del Con- greso. According to the new law, you just put that red three down on the table; and the hand ends right there.

This is some- thing that should happen only by accident, because it Is consttt- eied very, very bad form to break anv law deliberately. El anuncio dice que el lupits brado de Sur-Amrlca-especlal- mente de Argentina y en can- tidades pequeas luita Paraguay y Urugauy-constltuye el 55 por ciento del tinte de origen vege- tal que se consume en Estados Unidos. Scott Family Library Fund donor Publisher: In Vista del Mor, small apartment.

En el seno de la Comisin Le- gislativa Permanente se expre- s axtraeza por la ausencia del Ministro de Educacin a las reuniones de ese’organismo pa- ra discutir el Presupuesto del Ramo. Sun, water and wind gang up on you-make lisir dry, unruly Douglas MacArthur’s departure from Japan to receive a hero’s welcome in the United States was only one of the dramatic and colorful events in which he was th?


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Incidentally, If the hand ends before you make your correction, your side is penalized points. Combata arms In the urinary aystam.

Robert Bennett, agrees that the Brown Bomber has trained too fine. His mistake occurred In the play of the dia- monds. Born in Bordeaux, France, to American parents, on Sept. Pyongyang was the symbol of the Communist enemy and MacArthur had won that sym- bol.

Sonic had to lug onlv pounds in the Experimental, while in the Derby he’ll be toting Lewis Prap-r of Berkeley. Previously they had circled high In the sky without too much enthusiasm for tackling United States planes.

Hope Colonel and Mrs. The pair will be selected for winning slogans which they will submit on subjects appropriate to the observance of National De- fense Week and Armed Forces Day. Colonel Pumpelly addressed the group on what posstres responsibili- ties would De now that they arc qualified radio operators and cooks and congratulated them on successfully completing their courses of study.

He was dos years old. Oat Nlxadarm from your druggist today. Hancock Sailing Friday Judge luplta Mrs. El Frente Nacional, que de- mand la nacionalizacin de la Industria petrolera de Irn le prometi a los obreros que cuan- do el Gobierno se encargara se le pagarla a los obreros los sa- larlos que han dejado de de- vengar de la Compaa Ango- Irania de Petrleo.


Good Knowl- dege of general office work, ac- counting and filing systems, of’srs her services.

The Linux Programmer

Salamn; nombrado de Urriola La supresin de tres departa- mentos del Ministerio de Educa- cin, o sean los de Cultura y Publicaciones, Departamento Ge- neral de Educacin y Seccin de Diseos y Dibujos fue propuesta por el propio rgano Ejecutivo a la Comisin Legislativa Per- manente, a fin de poder nom- brar ms maestros que te nece- sitan indispensablemente para atender a la creciente poblacin escolar de la Repblica.

RVan walked for Fox In seventh. Then he served over 17 years with luplta Department of Justice’s Criminal Division before he became Mar- shal for Massachusetts with head quarters In Boston.

Musical selections were played by the Cristobal High School string ensemble, and Mrs. But the President failed to men- tion that the Russians were sold jets by Great Britain.

It was a pun on r. One of the latter.

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