6SN7 max 86,0 max 33,3 max 69,0. 6 k2 g2 a2 k1 a1 g1 double triode. Base: OCTAL uf = 6,3 V if = mA. Typical Characteristics. The wide glass tube envelope is 28 mm in diameter and excluding the IO base pin length, stands 65 mm high. References: Datasheet, &. Type 6SN7GT was first . The wide glass tube envelope is 29 mm in diameter and, excluding the IO base pins, is 69 mm tall. References: Datasheet, &. Type 6SN7GT was first introduced .

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Antique radios, Old Time Radios. Collection of Christophe Faure F. You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links. It is still in current production, both in China and in Europe.

The 6SN7 has a 6. You even can look up radio 6sn7gf with a certain tube line up. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum.

Retrieved from ” https: You 6sng7t this tube or valve page from a search after clicking the “tubes” tab or by clicking a tube on a radio model page. The tube is still used today in high end audio equipment. The SAGE computer systems used hundreds of s as flip-flops.


Collection of Roland Biesler D. Retrieved 10 June Collection of Trev Datashfet D. Collection of Michael Krapf CH. Greg Latta at glatta frostburg.

Tout est donc bien. Collection of Werner Wussow D.

Featuring two triodes in a glass envelope with an octal base, the 6SN7 is one of the most popular dual triodes ever made. Collection of Jacob Roschy D. With the introduction of semiconductor electronicsvacuum tubes of all types ceased to be manufactured by the major producers.

Collection of Antonio Bordini I. An excellent source of information on the 6SN7 is John Atwood’s web site www. It has a higher plate dissipation, but is also larger and has 6sng7t bigger footprint, which is why it lost ground and was eventually replaced in most applications by the smaller miniature tubes.

Sylvania 6SN7 Datasheet

As screen sizes became larger, 6sn7gg and power headroom became insufficient. Interior Photos of the Receiver. The 6SN7 is basically two 6J5 triodes in one envelope. With the advent of television the 6SN7 was well suited for use as a vertical-deflection amplifier. The 6SN7 was used as an audio amplifier in the period, usually in the driver stages of power amps.

Sylvania 6SN7 Datasheet | EZ

Twinplex Receivers Built By Others. Some might argue that it is the best general purpose dual triode ever made. Collection of Bruno Candreia CH. Collection of Jochen Amend D. Collection of Massimo Pedrina I. Collection of Stig Comstedt S. To address this, uprated versions with higher peak voltage and power ratings were introduced.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Collection of Georges Werts B. Collection of Emilio Ciardiello I.

Schematic Diagram and Circuit Description. Collection of Christian Schaufelberger CH. It provided a medium gain Collection of Reinhard Hopfe D.

After the war, huge numbers were available surplus and were used in datasbeet computers, televisions, and audio equipment.

This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat If you have any questions or comments, you can send E-Mail to Dr. The 6F8G [2] was also an octal-based double triode with essentially the same characteristics as the 6SN7 or two 6J5’sbut in a ‘Coke Bottle’ large Outline ST glass envelope datashee a different pin arrangement and utilising a top cap connection for the first triode’s grid datasbeet pin 1 available for a metal shield.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sylvania Technical Manual Peter Hoddow.

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