“Manon Lescaut (this she told me was her name) seemed gratified by the visible effect of her own charms. She appeared to me not less excited than myself. Manon Lescaut [Abbe Prevost, Steve Larkin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inspiration for three films and several operas, this. A devastating depiction of obsessive love and a haunting portrait of a captivating but dangerous womanWhen the young Chevalier des Grieux first sets eyes.

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I had never, hitherto, observed any peculiar warmth in his friendship that could lead me to look upon it as anything more than the partiality common among boys of the same age. I requested secrecy and discretion, as the most important service he could render me under present circumstances.

Fortunate would it have proved for me if love also had not been a component part! His noviciate completed he was given a position in the household of the Prince de Conti, and was able to embark upon a full-time literary career, but he never again equalled the brilliance of his cautionary tale of leacaut How easy it is to rationalize the pursuit of what we desire.

The most awful punishment Heaven could inflict would be to allow you the undisturbed enjoyment of it.

Abbe Prevost – Manon Lescaut (French)

She would insist on hearing who I was, and the knowledge only augmented her affection; for, being herself of humble birth, she was flattered by securing for her lover a man of family. The moment I returned, a lady was announced, who desired to speak with me.

I wished to write to Lescaut, and to charge him and our common friends with the task of my deliverance. In his opinion, it was insurrection, indiscipline, untraditional behavior and morals. His restless spirit made him seek from the Pope a transfer to the easier rule of Cluny; prfvost he left the abbey without lezcautand, learning that his superiors had obtained a lettre de cachet against him, fled to England.

Overall, this book is a story about Des Grieux himself. He has had influence enough to have me shut up here, out of mere revenge. If it be sincere repentance, you present a singular example of the benign mercy of Heaven; if it manin from the natural sbbe of your disposition, then you certainly have that within you which warrants the hope that a protracted residence in this place will not be required to bring you back to a regular and respectable life.


The magnates with whom des Grieux comes in contact are unfeeling, as exclusively concerned for their own pleasure and amusement as Manon is.

All my former taste for study was mznon. This looked like the liberality of a new lover. In despair, Des Grieux challenges the Governor’s nephew to a duel and knocks him unconscious. Ronancour in pity gives him some of his own money, hoping to help the poor lad.

To accuse Manon was more than my heart was capable of.

Manon Lescaut by Antoine François Prévost

I thanked my father for his indulgence, and promised that I would in future observe a better regulated and more lecaut course of conduct. He added, as if to excuse his own delinquencies, that it was graciously permitted to the weakness of man to indulge in certain pleasures, almost, indeed, prompted by nature, but that dishonesty and such shameful practices ought to be, and always would be, inexorably punished.

I believe nature has cast few hearts in the same mould as mine. In London he edited a weekly gazette on the model of Joseph Addison’s Spectator, Le Pour et contre, which he continued to produce, with short intervals, until Free download available at Project Gutenberg. I beheld it no longer but as a dim shadow in the distance, still attracting my regrets and desires, but without the power of rousing me to exertion. I desired the girl, therefore, to let her mistress know that I should return in a few minutes, but on no account to say that she had spoken to me lescauut M.

No one disputes it, but that is not the question—we are only discussing the relative aid they both afford in the endurance of affliction. She replied to me with a modesty so gentle and so charming that I could not help making, as I went out, a thousand reflections upon the incomprehensible character of women.

The moment the lover entered, he presented his fair one with a complete set of pearls, necklaces, ear-rings, and bracelets, which must have cost at least a thousand crowns. It occurred to me, more than once, to write to my father; and to pretend a new reformation, in order to obtain some pecuniary assistance from him; but Nanon could not forget that, notwithstanding all his natural love and affection for me, he had shut me up for six months in a confined room for my first transgression; and I was certain that, after the scandalous sensation caused by my flight from St.


He desired that I would show you every kindness and attention, and I need not assure you that you shall have no reason to complain of your treatment. However, she appeared so sensibly affected, that her grief increased my sorrow infinitely more than my attempt succeeded in supporting her spirits. That is an unfortunate situation, since she perceives fidelity of the heart as separate from fidelity of the body, and sees nothing worthy in denying herself the good things in life in the name of something higher, in this case her supposed love for Des Grieux.

Say that the enjoyments of love are fleeting, if you will, that they are rigidly forbidden, that they lead with certainty to eternal suffering; and, what would assuredly make a deeper impression upon me than any other argument, say that the more sweet and delectable they are, the brighter will be the reward of Heaven for giving them mmanon in sacrifice; but mqnon in the name of justice admit, that, constituted as the heart of man is, they form here, on earth, our most perfect happiness.

Manon Lescaut by abbé Prévost

I can read my destiny in your bright eyes; but what abundant recompense shall I not find in your affections for any loss I may sustain! Assuming an air of gaiety, I took my seat at table; but by the light of the candles which were between us, I fancied I perceived an air of melancholy about the eyes and countenance of my beloved mistress.

Yes, my father would himself have cherished her as one far too good to be his son’s wife!

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