The Abbot silver-disk pyrheliometer. Subjects: Pyrheliometer. Note: At head of title: Hodgkins Fund. Publication Physical Description: 11 p. illus. 24 cm. Get this from a library! The Abbot silver-disk pyrheliometer (with one plate). [Loyal Blaine Aldrich; Smithsonian Institution. Hodgkins Fund.]. Subject: 14 SOLAR ENERGY; PYRHELIOMETERS; DESIGN; MEASURING INSTRUMENTS; TELESCOPES * — Solar Energy– Resources & Availability.

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The side exposed to radiation is blackened, and the bulb of a precision mercury thermometer is inserted in a hole in pyrheliomeer side of the disc and is in good thermal contact with the disc. Loyal Blaine Aldrich ; Smithsonian Institution. These instruments have the advantage of being entirely spring driven and thus require no electrical energy.

Catalog Record: The Abbot silver-disk pyrheliometer | Hathi Trust Digital Library

pyrheliomdter Measurements of solar radiation on inclined planes are important in determining the input to solar collectors. Another class of pynmometers, originally designed by Robtlzsch, utilizes detectors that are bimetallic elements heated by solar radiation: The dimensions of the collimating systems are such that the detectors are exposed to radiation from the sun and from a portion of the sky around the sun.

The detector assembly was placed in a nearly spherical glass bulb, which has a transmittance greater than 0. Write a review Rate this item: Their response to changing radiation levels is essentially instantaneous and is linear with radiation. Find more information about: With one strip shaded and one strip exposed to radiation, a current is passed through the shaded strip to heat It to the same temperature as the exposed strip.


The quantity of alcohol condensed is a measure Of integrated solar energy on the spherical receiver. It is iccommended that shading be accomplished by means of a disc held I m from the pyranometer with the disc just large enough to shade the glass envelope. Radiation data usually must be integrated over some period of time, such as an hour or a siilver. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review pyrhe,iometer share your thoughts with other readers.

There is evidence that the calibration of pyranometers changes if the instrument is inclined to the horizontal. The Silencer March 16th, A geothermal silencer is like a separator operating at atmospheric pressure. The sphere is disj to a calibrated condenser receiver tube. An example of shade ring correction factors, to illustrate their trends and magnitudes, is shown in Figure 2. Your request to send this item has been completed.

Silver-disk pyrheliometer – AMS Glossary

Two additional kinds of measurements are made with pyranometers: The WMO recommends that calibration of pyrheliometers only be undertaken on days in which atmospheric clarity meets or exceeds a minimum value. Please enter your name.

They are also less expensive than thermopile instruments and are easy to use. Find a copy online Links to this item library. The story is a very sa [ Reviews of the accuracy of these instruments and intercomparisons of hem led to the conclusions that measurements made on SSI3 were 3.

The corrections are based on assumptions of the distribution siover diffuse radiation over the sky and typically are factors of 1. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript.


Catalog Record: The Abbot silver-disk pyrheliometer | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Population Growth March 17th, To describe population growth, we adopt the linear form used by Lotka and Volterra in their original [ Measurements of diffuse radiation can be made with pyranometers by shading the instrument from beam radiation.

A pyranometer or pyrheiiometer produces a voltage from the thermopile detectors that is a function of the incident radiation. A cross section of a recent model of the Eppley is shown in Figure 2.

If the spectral distribution of incident radiation was fixed, a calibration could be established that would remain constant; however, there are some variations in spectral distribution2 with clouds and atmospheric water vapor. Data from these instruments are generally not as accurate as that from thermopile-type pyranometers. Other Growth Functions March 17th, The logistic growth function is no doubt far from being a perfect approximation to the growth of the abboot Another type of pyranometer is based on photovoltaic solar ceil detectors.

U uses a spherical container of alcohol that dis, solar radiation.

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