Abraham Abulafia has 18 ratings and 3 reviews. Dr. Ursula Williams said: Great instructions for meditation. Great instructions for meditation. If you a. Amidst the rich panoply of Jewish Kabbalah, Abraham Abulafia resonates the most with modern, philosophically minded seekers of direct. the Divine and its relationship with humanity. Abulafia developed a system of meditation whose most conspicuous feature was the invo- cation of “divine names”.

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Life in the World to Come. After you complete the recitation bow down to the earth once. Studies in Ecstatic Kabbalah. Sounds True, Cordovero, Moses. Kabbalah in Italy, Skip to main content. And begin in perfect intention to honor towards the Name, may He be blessed. And this will all accrue to you after you throw the tablet and stylus from between your fingers or if they fall by themselves due to the plenitude of your thoughts and the multiplicity of your happiness.

Meditations on the Divine Name

Rudolf Lobo abupafia it as to-read Dec 20, Pintele Naftali rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Akademon, Scholem, Gershom. And for this put your left hand on your heart spread in five fingers and put on yourself your right hand spread in five fingers to denote the redeemer overcoming and conquering the defaulting lower, until he gave himself up and was conquered and confessed.

The continuous, monotonous repetition of letters and sounds excites the mind, rather than dulls it. But that God has guided our hand in this way and commands us to warn you to repent. Think that in the coming hour your soul will leave your body and you will die to this world and you will live in the next world, meditatiosn is the source of life scattered amongst all living beings.


Combining one letter with another to create a specific word is a deliberate act.

The Heart of Abeaham Meditation: And this will be a witness that you come to work the work of God your Lord in happiness and an innocent heart. Purify your heart and soul from all thoughts of this world.

Meditations on the Divine Name | The Matheson Trust

And if you are clean and whole in everything that I have instructed you about, I have no doubt that the Glory will reveal itself to you in a form before you so that you can meditationa its power, or will bring you speech that you will abulfia is from Him, may He be blessed, and is not from you.

Trivia About Abraham Abulafia Andrea added it Apr 03, These techniques can provide short, liminal leaps into revelatory states of consciousness and the adept needs a kind of measured boldness to attempt this. Judaica from the Vatican Library.

Elena is currently reading it Apr 29, If you are wise you will understand the whole order from my hints. And you have five directions in which to move your head. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Abraham Abulafia’s Mystic Techniques

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Abulafia was unique amongst Jewish mystics in providing precise instructions for personal spiritual practice. But between the letter namme the Name and between the aleph in the straights or between the aleph and the letter of the Name in the inversions you can breathe two breaths only without pronunciation, no more.


Providence University, Betz, Hans Dieter. And your tongue will divide between them in the image of the tongue of a scale. Jerusalem, Frankfurter, David. Nathan Fox rated it it was amazing Dec 06, And if you experience great fear that you cannot bear, prostrate yourself immediately, even while you are in the middle of reciting.

Casey Claypool is currently reading it Sep 24, And after you have depicted all of this prepare your mind and heart to understand in your thought the many things that will come to you from within the letters computed in your heart, and study all of them or their parts like a person who is told a parable, a riddle or a dream, or as one perusing a topic in a book of wisdom deeper than he can comprehend.

Jingsheng Zhu marked it as to-read Jun 15, Jerusalem, Abulafia, Avraham. Paul Dry Books, Scholem, Gershom. Ktav, Cooper, David A. Lanie rated it liked it Apr 16, He borrowed the techniques of letter combination from the Ashkenazi Chasidim and meditative techniques from Moses Maimonides.

And put your heart in their movement and what their revolution engenders. Which I couldn’t pronounce.

Abraham Abulafia: Meditation on the Divine Name

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism. Jerusalem, Abulafia, Abraham. Duane Hilton is currently reading it Jan 07, Samantha Teichtahl is currently reading it Jun 28,

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