The ACOG scope is a lightweight, rugged, four the ACOG is dual illuminated during both day and night without the . (BAC) of shooting with both eyes open. I am in need of an ACOG manual. I recently purchased an ACOG without a manual and although I know there are videos, etc out there to check. The Trijicon TA11E-G ACOG x35 Rifle Scope with Green Chevron BAC Reticle is calibrated for cal) flattop rifles to 1x ACOG BAC Manual.

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Your eyes will look slightly towards each other as if they were a bit crossed.

The body cannot easily retain either hydrogen or tritium as a gas. As you slow the movement of your weapon, your brain will instantly choose the greater detail of the clearer magnified sight picture. Upon receiving a target, you raise your weapon and point it in the general direction of the target.

TA31A ACOG – Trijicon, Inc.

The Trijicon is always ready to use. This gives the riflescope its ability to work day or night, since the majority of enemy operatives seldom work a work day. Once zeroed at this range, you do not need to make any further adjustments between shots at different ranges. It is designed to be self sufficient and reliable under all conditions and in any environment.

It comes with a manual, fasteners, Allen wrench, scope cover and even a polyethylene hard case for travel or storage.

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Tritium is a naturally occurring odorless, tasteless, colorless gas that reacts similarly as natural hydrogen to the human body. Once clean, the lens of the ACOG can be polished with a soft cloth for greater clarity if you choose. The scope utilizes the standard mounting hole centered on the carry handle or most ARs, so drilling holes in your weapon is not required. Your eyes will compensate for each other automatically as the weapon is moved, choosing the non-blurry magnified image routinely over the blurry image.


I have owned Armson OEG scopes in the past and have found them to be very innovative and reliable. If a tritium lamp becomes broken or is suspected of leakage, use caution around any source of flame until the manufacturer can repair the unit properly.

Trijicon ACOG TA11F – Gun Gallery Jacksonville

If one eye is blocked, it does not receive the same sensory input and will wander away from the target, usually to one side or the other. Products as the ACOG are tested literally under fire, giving the operator little doubt as to its worth.

This requires you to acoh 3 clicks to move the bullet one inch on your final target. It sounds complicated, but it usually occurs within split seconds for complete target acquisition. The fluorescent red donut is always on and always there. Most people have some small values of phoria, but not enough to significantly reduce their ability to focus with both eyes on a target in front of them.

Maintenance and care for the ACOG are pretty simple, wash it with a little soap and water if it gets dirty. You will see a sharp contrast with which to make your final sight picture. Trijicon now owns Armson and the ACOG is representative of the aggressive nature of their research and development sector.


Trijicon ACOG TA11F

Phoria is measured in prism diopters. The BAC discovery was made after an exhaustive search to combine the speed of an Armson OEG mamual similar red dot collimator sights together with the precision accuracy of a conventional telescopic riflescope.

Phoria can also influence the red aiming donut a marginal amount left gac right of the final aim dependent of your level of phoria. Installed on the M16 it became the benchmark throughout the testing and was also mandated by other government contractors on their proposed advanced weapon systems.

The scope housing for the ACOG is forged, not cast, from Bzc aircraft aluminum alloy, and then hard anodized according to military specifications. No fumbling with a finicky pressure pad switch or cursing dead batteries. This type of scope was engineered for the rough treatment many Spec-Ops weapons undergo.

You must keep both eyes open all the time. This is a commonly used radioactive material for nighttime illumination. The BAC principle is manusl, it is the automatic reaction of the human eye; it occurs instinctively. There are no batteries, moving parts, switches or solar cells with this product.

They even offer an optional thumb screw part no.

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