Abridged ACRA Scale of Learning Strategies for University Students. – – Electronic Escalas de Estrategias de Aprendizaje [ACRA. Learning Strategy. Pereira S, Ramirez J. Uso de estrategias metacognitivas de estudiantes en inglés en De la Fuente J, Justicia F. Escala de estrategias de aprendizaje ACRA. Evaluación de estrategias de aprendizaje mediante la escala ACRA abreviada para estudiantes universitarios. Palabras clave: Estrategias de.

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However, it is sometimes the case that the distribution is not homogeneous and we can find a modal category or even the Simpson paradox Simpson, Issues in assessment, instruction and evaluation pp.

Table 5 Values and proportion of inertia explained by each esscala in the projected space. We next present gender differences in the studied variables. Study of emotional intelligence and learning strategies.


Repeat information orally while reading the text. Convergent, discriminant and incremental validity of competing measures of emotional intelligence. Oficina de Publicaciones Oficiales de las Comunidades Europeas. Elaboration strategies require the use of connections between the material to be learned and old and familiar material paraphrasing, summarizing, creating analogies, elaborating, and answering questions about the learned material. Future research should focus on analyzing estrxtegias relationship with longitudinal studies.

The Statistical Analysis System, version 8. Self-regulated learning is currently advocated as the desirable type of learning, as it requires students to take responsibility for their learning process. Discuss the matter with colleagues to see whether you understood. Educational Psychologist, 40 2 One of these limitations is that this is a transversal study, which does not allow us to establish any causal relationships.


Age and gender differences in ability emotional intelligence in adults: Alexander Renkl – unknown.

However, some studies concerning the relationship between PEI and LS with Spanish speaking participants have found a more complex pattern of results. Canonical non-symmetrical correspondence analysis: A focus on self-regulated learning.

Estilos y estrategias de aprendizaje: Making Use of Personal Learning Plans. Table 1 Descriptive statistics.

Taller 2: Escalas de Estrategias de Aprendizaje (ACRAS) by Kathy iiiii on Prezi

The dimension of Cognitive and control learning strategies includes 25 items that refer to selection, organization, highlighting, awareness of the functionality of the strategies, elaboration strategies, planning and control of the answer during evaluation, repetition, and re-reading i. History of Western Philosophy. The knowledge gained from the findings of this aprendizxje implies possible changes in teaching methodologies.

Despite these limitations, this study has shown a relationship between PEI and LS, whilst also distinguishing between the impact of each dimension of the PEI attention, clarity, re emotional regulation on each type of LS cognitive and learning control, support, and studying habitsand showing that there are gender differences in these relationships.

Prepare questions and answers on the subject studied. Services on Demand Journal.

Test ACRA. by mateo soto on Prezi

Se The research data were collected using questionnaires, and the confidentiality and anonymity of the participants was guaranteed. Further studies are suggested based on confirmatory factor analyses, so that the scale can be better utilized in psychoeducational evaluation.


The relationship between emotional intelligence and language learning strategy use. Of the whole sample, For women, high scores on cognitive, control, and learning support LS are related to high emotional attention, whereas dimensions such as study habits and learning support are related to adequate emotional repair.

Ask for help from colleagues in ce of doubts.

Multivariate analysis of burnout syndrome in Latin-American priests. The dimensions of the LS were analyzed separately, adjusting a model for each of them. Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

It is essential that further research be conducted with the current version of the scale so as to confirm its factor structure through confirmatory factor analysis procedures, which could also assess the adequacy of some items in which the factor loadings were lower in this study.

However, for the attention and emotional repair dimensions, the graph shows an inverse relationship between both aspects. Existing Learning Strategy Assessment Scales: The making of the motivated strategies for learning questionnaire.

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