Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Repair Manuals & Literature for Acura TSX. Find the perfect Christmas gift. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Acura TSX. Acura TSX Service Repair Manual. Free Download and View Online PDF. This Manual Offers you Explicit Service and repair data for your Acura.

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Tighten steering wheel bolt to specification. Close the pressure control valve gradually until the pressure gauge needle is stable. The VTEC mechanism changes the valve lift and timing by using more than one cam profile. Remove front passenger seat and seat back cover. Apply multipurpose grease to the needle bearing B in the gearbox housing, then install the valve body unit C by engaging the gears.

To install, reverse removal procedure. Blow dry with compressed air. Install the cylinder lines. Reconnect instrument cluster harness connectors. Remove left instrument panel side and lower covers. DTCA 1. Loosely tighten the NEW shear bolts.

Acura TSX 2003-2008 Service Repair Manual

Remove both side vents. Drain the fluid from the cylinder fittings by slowly moving the steering rack back and forth.


Tighten the flange bolts D to the specified torque. This is the same manual that Acura Technicians use to service your vehicle and is full of valuable information to help you diagnose and fix your own vehicle.

Enter anti-theft codes for radio and navigation system. Go to step 5. If there is no DTC, one or more of tzx enable criteria were probably not met; repeat the procedure. If resistance is not Move the steering gearbox toward the front, and remove the pinion shaft grommet A from the top of the valve body tsz.

Disconnect right and left seat belt pretensioner connector from SRS harness. Carefully pull out the bottom edge of the mirror holder A by hand.

Acura TSX Service Repair Manual | Free Download

If the lower slide shaft is removed, slip it into the upper shaft by aligning the paint marks D. Disconnect heated seat switch connectors, if equipped and remove center console trim panel. If Red light on deployment tool comes on, go to next step.

Remove left and right center lower cover and heater ducts. Remove the duct B. Ensure air bag assemblies are securely mounted to vehicle. With the rack in the straight ahead driving position, cut the wire D and slip the lower end of the steering joint on to pinion shaft E.


Remove the one screw and separate the actuator A from the housing Bthen disconnect the 2P connector C. If DTC or A is not indicated, replace cable reel.

Acura TSX Workshop Manual PDF

Align the lock washer tabs D with the slots E on the rack end C while holding the lock washer in place. During manuak drive, decelerate with the throttle fully closed for 5 seconds. If resistance is more than one ohm, replace floor harness.

Apply a mild soap and water solution to both side of the mount reair mating surfaces A. Apply power steering fluid to the surface of the pinion shaft A.

To deploy seat belt pretensioner, remove B-pillar trim panel and disconnect seat belt pretensioner connector. Open the pressure control valve A fully. Disconnect inflator simulator from right seat belt pretensioner connector. Place the seal on the special tool with its grooved manusl C facing opposite the special tool.

Are the lines deformed? Quote message in reply? Pulling Out The Mirror Holder 2. Install the seal with its grooved side facing the tool.

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