Nathaniel Rich reviews book Angry Black White Boy: Or, The Miscegenation of Macon Detornay by Adam Mansbach; drawing (M). Intersection for the Arts’ new play “Angry Black White Boy,” based on local author Adam Mansbach’s celebrated novel, blasts through. Adam Mansbach’s Angry Black White Boy Adam Mansbach’s novel Angry Black White Boy, or The. Miscegenation of Macon Detomay. In light of the recent .

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This book was good but i have to explain the 4 stars. It’s interesting to see what could happen when people identify themselves so much with something other than themself. I have the opposite reaction.

Take a good look. I think if I had any critique, I would have liked to see more of the supporting cast, and less time in Macon’s head as he rhapsodized about the virtues and promise of hip-hop. He sets different tones and paces to the main and back stories, so that they are two distinct stories, each in its own period, blxck equally compelling.

I thought this book was absolutely phenomenal.

The ever-curious Jill Bernard Googled the phrase, found this book, and said it was pretty good. Angry Black White Boy acknowledges the assimilation of hip-hop culture by whites with a mix of resentment and resignation. Mansbach also reflects the structure of hip-hop in his writing approach, using the beats and timing so familiar to those of us from the hip-hop generation.

Jan 06, Peter rated it really liked it. His quick-witted critical overview of hip hop, from esteemed underground roots to overcommercialized schlock, assimilation and appropriation, pulls nary a punch in its scathing street-scholarly stance.

Coached by his roommate Andre Walker and his new friend, budding hustler Dominique Lavar, he makes use of the spotlight to hold forth on the evils and invisibility of whiteness and found The Race Traitor Project, a stress-addled collective that attracts guilty liberals, wannabe gangstas and bandwagon-riders from all over the country to participate in a Day of Apology — a day set aside for white people to apologize to blacks for four hundred years of oppression.


In the midst of his robbing sprees he finds he isn’t doing it for the money, but for the anger he has geared toward white America. On the other hand, it’s ultimately disappointing, and Adam Mansbach needs some serious editing help — he has major point-of-view problems, for one thing.

In the end, I think I chose the I started reading this right around the time Obama gave his speech on race, so I found this book very relevant to today.

Angry Black White Boy – Variety

Admittedly, at first, I was skeptical, simply because I wasn’t used to reading books about this subject matter, and didn’t know what sort of attitude to go into it with.

Ehite 01, Sheehan rated it it was amazing. Aug 13, Rob Forteath rated it liked it. He quickly learns that the social construct of race is much more complex than that, and sets off on a journey that begins with him robbing white folks in his NYC cab and ends with him becoming a racial demagogue on the run from authorities.

Throughout the book, I had a hard time reading the character and deciding whether or not he was genuine, or just blaci to prove himself.

This bugs Detornay even more than the sense of privilege he is ostensibly hijacking. Far from healing wounds, however, this proposal only reveals the depth of racial anger, denial and ignorance.

Premier Logo Created with Sketch. You’re gonna want to talk about it. It started out great, then I got a bit lost, then it got great again and then I got lost again and didn’t have the strength to persevere any asam. Nov 03, Sunny rated it liked it Shelves: Blac, the dialogue between Detornay and his college-brothers sometimes strikes a false chord, the rhetoric that spews from their unctuous Intro to Black Studies professor, the self-proclaimed “Academic Gangsta,” is bona fide — evidence that Mansbach has clocked some time in the post-modern symposia of hip-hop and identity.


Black, white, young, old, racist, revolutionary; his characters are all over the place and he sketches them well.

Aug 09, Margaret rated it it was ok Shelves: After moving to New York City for college, Macon begins robbing white passengers in the taxi cab he drives part-time, setting off a manhunt for the black man presumed to be committing the crimes.

His quick-witted critical overview of Adam Mansbach’s fatalistic portrayal of a white suburban race-traitor makes no apology for itself as an ironic backpacker remix of Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison. Return to Book Page.

Angry Black White Boy

The novel, at times, is very blunt, and very, no-holds-barred, if you will, in a way that has potential to offend some people. Trivia About Angry Black White Winston Duke has had quite a year.

Want to Read saving…. Oct 31, M Scott rated it it was ok. Mar 21, Phoebe rated it liked it. It was a cop-out. I settled in for what proved to be an engrossing story and curiously cognizant tribute to Ellison, Wright, and the Notorious B. The Day of Apology pushes New York City over the edge, into an epic riot, and forces Macon to confront the depth of his own commitment to the struggle. After it is revealed that he was a white seemingly confused youth that thinks and acts as if he was black he is studied, hated and admired This was agry a struggle to get through, and the ending blwck just terrible.

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