Read, review and discuss the entire Adventureland movie script by Greg Mottola on Adventureland (PDF script) August 5, Revised Draft Written by Greg Mottola . Adventureland is an intelligent, relevant film about a college graduate named James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) whose dreams of a.

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Hey, do you have an ice-pick I can jam into my ears? I played Limelight by Rush. Get the fuck out, motherfucker! And more importantly, working in games, no one ever wins a giant-ass panda.

Laying out by the pool by day, dancing by night.

I can’t listen to this song again. Fuck the Old World. The ruins, the cathedrals, the endless art treasures. You know, Yellow has inseminated over 1, foals in his lifetime, which might explain his current exhaustion. You’ve been with a lot of girls? It was the same It’s a funtastic time. You need to bed down the next lonely, plain-looking, insecure depressive who throws herself at you and get it over with.

Ladies and gentlemen, put down your mint juleps. They don’t like people like me. Em tells James she wants to take things slow due to problems in her life, leaving James confused and upset.


Frigo’s rhododendron got here?

You’re not doing anything! Notify me of new posts via email.

They left him on the pavement. Since he can’t work, he’s been so fucked up.

Adventureland Script at The Screenplay Database

If someone wins a giant-ass panda on your watch, you should just go home because you’re fired, okay? What a disappointment after Yellow’s strong showing at Saratoga last spring. The film concluded its U. I saw Adventureland in the theater, and I really liked it. Look, look at that little portal of light, just below her crotch, right where the thigh meets the pudendum. Help us build the largest writers community and scripts collection on the web!

I mean, I think that love is very transferable, I mean, transformable. I came here to It’s glued on, the fucking thing. Sometimes I feel so happy But mostly you just make me mad Baby, you just make me mad Linger on Your pale blue eyes Linger on Your pale blue eyes Oh, fuck!

Our parents are right over Nice to meet you, too, James. You got one of those little baby joints on you?

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I don’t want Paulette bitching me out on my first day. ComedyDramaRomance. Bobby kicked the door down and came out all psycho with this bat like I really missed you. I recommend saving a few of those up in case you have to go number 2. I think I drank, like, advwntureland whole bottle of vodka. You care to explain how Mrs. A total of 41 songs were licensed for use in the film. I need to take things slow. Every time you meet a beautiful woman, don’t you imagine what she’d look like underneath you, naked?


Come on, let’s dance! All right, all right, relax, Brennan. Hey, I advventureland some big fat lady fell off the Paratrooper. I was going to suggest more perfume. Brennan, you gotta hear this.

You guys should have seen Brennan wail on that greaseball, man. I heard you lost a giant-ass panda at knifepoint. After hearing of this, Em goes to Connell’s mother’s home to end their affair. Yeah, I don’t like lifting my knees that high. I’m so surprised I’m making out with you.

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