AFH 32-1084 PDF

AIR FORCE HANDBOOK SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE. 1 SEPTEMBER Civil Engineering. FACILITY REQUIREMENTS. NOTICE: This. requirements are defined in ANGH , ANG Standard Facility AFMAN 32 to assign occupancy and to program new facilities. AFM 32 Facilities Requirements-Civil. Uploaded by AIR FORCE MANUAL 20 APRIL Civil Engineering FACILITY See AFH V7.

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It is designed on the building block concept for quick reaction TACAN service at locations where weight and cube are critical. This follows the Air Force policy for reducing monetary expenditures for land acquisition and remote location maintenance.

Follow the procedure below to determine whether traffic volume makes a secondary runway necessary. The time frame for the beddown proeess also drives the future eost factors. Category Code23-1084 Do not turn the sheet tabs back on and try’ to work through the tool via the tabs.

Here the user will input any information that is known about the location being analyzed. If underground tanks are required to meet distance criteria, they will be double wall horizontal cylindrical type tanks of steel or fiber glass and be equipped with a leak monitoring and detection system.

Qfh requirements are developed under a wide variety of procedures and techniques. New facilities in the military construction program. This includes a storage building, of about 93 m2 1, sfto store a small boat and fuel 48 AFH 1 September spill containment booms.


Each Air Force base having assigned aircraft must have a Corrosion Control Facility, category code Good criteria accurately defines the size and number of facilities that will efficiently and economically satisfy functional requirements.

This spreadsheet based, quantitative analysis should accomplish three goals: This facility usually supports Hush House sound suppressors. Figureis aircraft specific and organized by category code. Another factor requiring evaluation when developing aircraft parking plans is aircraft exhaust wake velocity. The RAT is a TPFDD refinement tool featuring a time-phased look at requirements versus capabilities and sequencing of transportation enablers to mitigate shortfalls.

Humidity and temperature control may be required.

AFMAN 32-1084 Facility Requirements Standards

BCAT and ATT will also be used as a beginning point for the development of a spreadsheet tool which will then be refined to fit this research. A Funded Active MARS Station provides emergency, contingency and morale and welfare communication support for a specific base and its tenant units; and functions as a master network control station for the respective MARS region.

ACR lighting may be provided by emergency or expedient lighting sets. Secondary containment with holding capacity equal to the largest single compartment of the tank trucks to be loaded will be provided at fueling stations. BAK with supported cable, m ft. Aircraft type drives the required infrastructure from the directives. Compliance afy environmental laws and regulations.

AFMAN Facility Requirements Standards | WBDG – Whole Building Design Guide

Although this handbook includes most standard and many unique facilities, the listing is not all inclusive. For six or more assigned helicopters, provide apron space for 80 percent of the total; for fewer than six assigned helicopters, provide apron space for all.


If a site is not available adjacent to the storage facility, provide the bulk storage operations building adjacent to the primary storage area. Category CodeOccupational Health Clinic The runway is the paved surface provided for normal aircraft landings and takeoffs.

Thanks to space utilization efforts, Environmental Management finally ‘home’

At the bottom of the sheet is a ROM total for that aircraft type. Equipment location and associated requirements conform to criteria established in AFI Category CodeRadar Turntable.

Category CodeObstruction Lighting.

There are many published artieles available diseussing implementation avh with new teehnology; matter of faet, there are complete researeh areas in teehnology aeoeptanee.

Dimensions vary for different models and configurations of aircraft. The facility is a one-story building containing m2 2, sfand provides 32-11084 and precision radar service at permanent Air Force bases that do not have approach control authority.

The relay control center may be collocated with the base telecommunications facility or with the transmitter or receiver building.

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