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d Air Base Wing – Home of America’s Arctic Warriors. References. •. DoDI – DoD Traffic Safety Program. •. AFI – USAF Traffic Safety Program. AFI is published! In an effort to ensure users have their questions and concerns addressed, we will post the most frequently asked questions through the. Air Force Motorcycle Rider Information. Training: According to AFI dated 12 Sept, , Motorcycle safety training is not intended to meet state, territory.

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The words road, roadway, traffic way, are synonymous in this instruction. Driver Improvement and Rehabilitation Course.

It should be used as a supplement to existing Supervisor Safety Training curriculum. Operator and Passenger Protection It is the senior occupant’s responsibility to ensure enforcement of occupant restraints.

All riders of motorcycles and ATVs during off-road operations should also wear knee, shin guards and padded full-fingered gloves. In overseas areas, family members who drive may be required to attend the course before licensing.

This training module will be taught to new Air Force military and civilian supervisors. Unlicensed operators when a license is required seeking to become a motorcycle operator on a roadway must comply with the skills training, permit and license requirements of the state, territory, host nation or applicable Status of Forces agreement.

Riders are encouraged to select PPE that incorporates fluorescent colors and retro-reflective material. Personnel assigned in temporary duty TDY status for 30 calendar days or more must complete the course at the TDY unit and accomplish such training at the beginning of the TDY. These vehicles are prohibited on installation public access roadways unless authorized by the installation commander by type, safety design requirements, and authorized operating areas.

Initial Level 1 Training. A vehicle seat belt retrofit kit will be purchased and installed if the vehicle manufacturer develops one for a government vehicle which originally did not have Page 10 of 24 DRAFT seat belts or where seat belts were erroneously removed.


The majority of GVOs are inherently off-road vehicles such as material handling, construction, or agricultural equipment. Important clarifications issued include a broadened definition regarding whom and under what conditions this instruction applies and clearer direction for funding safety training for all USAF military and civilian personnel.

Every effort shall be made to procure or lease vehicles equipped with air bags preferably for both driver and passenger. The documentation method for emergency vehicle operator training is at the discretion of the appropriate functional managers. See local policy for requirements when wearing a bag or pack.

Government Owned, Leased, and Rented Vehicles………. According to AFI dated 12 Sept,Motorcycle safety training is not intended to meet state, territory, host nation or applicable SOFA licensing requirements. All persons listed in paragraph 1. Additionally, operators of government-owned motorcycles shall complete level I training prior to operating a government owned motorcycle.

Not included in this category are motorized devices that allow the handicapped to move as pedestrians, such as wheelchairs.

afi working draft

Each branch of service issues their own guidance on the required personal protective equipment PPE for U. The installation should make refresher training available to those desiring it or those referred by their commander.

Develop agi implement local programs which encourage the use of occupant protective devices safety belts, air bags, child safety seats, helmets, etc. The use of a name or mark of any specific manufacturer, commercial product, commodity, or service in this instruction does not indicate an endorsement by the United States Air Force.

Installations located in States will apply and enforce the State laws regarding standards for motor vehicles in traffic as described in DoDI Develop, maintain, and oversee implementation of traffic safety training courses in support of this instruction.

This guidance applies to troop formations only to the degree determined necessary to maintain formation visibility to traffic. It is aif responsibility to operate these types of vehicles in compliance with all applicable codes and laws”. In addition to driver selection and training requirements under DoD Enforce traffic safety program requirements.

Foreign-national, direct-hire employees are the same as DAF civilian employees. Mandatory safety equipment and training are addressed in paragraphs 3.


All government motor vehicles including non-appropriated fund vehicles, government owned, and contractor operated vehicles, to include GVO, LSV, and government owned RMV shall pass an annual maintenance safety inspection and daily or prior to use safety inspections performed by the operator. Personal Golf Car – A golf car used to carry one or more people and may carry golf equipment to play golf. All unlicensed motorcycle riders must complete Levell training prior to attending any other advanced level motorcycle training.

Commercial design vehicles which are purchased, leased or rented by the Air Force for use in the United States and U. The course is approximately two-hours in length. This training course is intended as a driver skill improvement and traffic offender rehabilitation course.

– Military Motorcycle Rider PPE information

These devices, including skateboards, kick-scooters, roller-skates, are prohibited on installation roadways except for incidental road access associated with pedestrians and will comply with all pedestrian related traffic laws. A helmet aci to meet or exceed Department of Transportation DOT standards, shall be worn and properly fastened under the chin. As a minimum, the training shall include the following elements: Examples of GMVs are passenger cars, station wagons, vans, ambulances, buses, motorcycles, trucks, and tractor-trailers.

Commands fai not waive the training requirement. Untrained motorcycle riders, meeting the criteria in paragraph 1. You are responsible to complete any operator’s license or vehicle registration requirements required.

afi 91-207 working draft

Operators of motorcycles with attached sidecars, three wheeled motorcycles, and motor scooters must afu the classroom portion of an MSF course but are exempt from the riding portion. Pedestrians – Are defined as anyone on foot, e. The follow-on training must target the type of motorcycle the Marine owns or operates.

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