AIA SUBCONTRACT. ♌ AIA A ( edition). ♌ Traditionally endorsed by ASA and ASC, but never by AGC. ♌ Most favorable to Subs. ♌ Most favorable to. maximum extent possible under the law. This document was produced by AIA software at on 11/08/ under Order No_1 which expires. AIA A Contractors Prep School. contractors institute. building trades education services. palm construction school. florida contractors school. contractors.

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Oftentimes it is difficult for the prime contractor to determine which subcontractor was responsible for the trash and debris left in the work areas.

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Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. The Subcontractor shall not be held responsible for unclean conditions caused by other contractors or subcontractors and shall not be subject to any charge by the Contractor for trash removal or cleanup determined on a pro rata or similar basis.


Amending the AIA A to avoid pro rata share backcharges for job site cleanup – Lexology

Construction law – the history is ancient! Subcontractors may want to consider replacing Section 4.

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Generally, those who generate trash on a project must get rid of the trash. Please contact customerservices lexology. There are many ways to amend standard form contract agreements to minimize your risk on a construction project and to help you avoid claims and contentious disputes from the outset.

AIA A Contract Document

So, how does the subcontractor halt the ability of the prime contractor to backcharge the subcontractor for job site cleanup on a pro rata basis? The foregoing amendments to Sections 4.

The Subcontractor shall not be held responsible for conditions caused by other contractors or subcontractors. A seasoned construction lawyer will be able to assist you in drafting carefully tailored and aiq revisions to the interrelated boilerplate provisions of your form contracts to advance your overall objectives including shifting or significantly minimizing the risk inherent in every construction project.


A401 Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor Subcontractor

Typically, it is the responsibility of the subcontractor to clean up and remove from the jobsite, or place in a dumpster provided by the prime contractor, all trash and debris including scrap materials, waste materials, rubbish, packaging materials, and crates and pallets used to ship materials and fixtures to the project site.

Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. Before simply inserting such sample language a4001 your contracts without further thought, however, it is advisable to consult with a seasoned construction lawyer. The sample provision above is one example.

In such instances, the prime contractor will frequently attempt to apportion the cleanup costs on a a4011 rata basis among the various subcontractors known to have been working in each area at the time that the trash and debris were left in the affected work area.

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