Al-Ibriz. Sayings of Sayyid Sh. ´Abd al-‘Aziz al-Dabbagh al-Hasani Written down by Sh. Ahmad ibn al-Mubarak al-Lamati. English: View PDF | Download (56 MB). Results 1 – 11 of 11 al-?ahab al-ibriz (4e quart) MU?AMMAD IBN SA?ID and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. : Pure Gold from the Words of Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh: Al- Dhabab al-Ibriz min Kalam Sayyidi Abd al-Aziz al-Dabbagh (Basic Texts of.

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God alone confers success! So come into the retreat with me, my son—God bestow success on you!

If one of them were removed and placed over the city of Fez, everyone in the city would dissolve and its wall and foundations, its houses and everyone in them, would return to absolute non-existence.

Of course, some evidentiary miracles did appear on his part but they were of a different kind. He knocked at the door and a [female] servant came out who said: AL-Dabbagh said—God be pleased with him: The servant girl went off and said to the shaykh: They were sure the shaykh was engaged in immoral behavior with her.

What happened is there was a youth staying with the shaykh, whose father was an eminent man. And so it is for other such wicked things. But they turned out to be dates of bad quality. But the thief is veiled and unaware of his Lord. The Shaykh described her to me in a way I later found to be true. One day while speaking with al-Dabbagh—God be pleased with him—I made mention of our lord Solomon—blessings and peace be upon our Prophet and upon him—and the Jinn and the human beings, the demons and the wind, that God made subservient to him.


The request of someone who uses him as an intermediary with God is actually granted by the people with the power of free disposal. Rather the beloved acted on behalf of the beloved in the conflict and nothing more.

He replied—God be pleased with him: Each of them bedded down for the night in her own separate bedding, and I bedded down for the night by myself in my own separate bedding. But God is all-knowing and informed. Pafter Ad-Dabdagh gave secret meanings of the arabic letters: He understood this as if I ibgiz saying to him: Praise be to God!

Each one of the letters possesses seven secrets which originate in accordance with the previous meanings, and each possesses seven other secrets which correspond to the Arabic language. Sometimes her foetus is entirely healthy and remains in a proper condition until she gives birth. For instance, if it eats ibbriz forbidden, as soon as it places it in its mouth, it can cast it anywhere it wishes.

Anas — God be pleased with him! He was in the lower part of the house where he spent the night. If the love returns, the secrets return. As for the said animals, sometimes the one army takes on their form and sometimes the other army takes on their form- in order to carry out a divine decree.

Ahmed Sijilmasi – Wikipedia

P and after, Ad-Dabagh gives same explanation of Bralwiyah that the Prophet saw knew reality of palm trees while all scholars say the Prophet saw did not know this matter of the Duniya: Now the shaykh famous for Friendship with God was one of the sinners who spend ibgiz musrif on themselves.

And so he gained this world and the world to come. His intention is to use it to test and examine the person who witnesses it. Is it possible a Friend of God took on its body so that what was divinely decreed came to pass?


Meanwhile, in their hands the man is like an effigy that the owner of standing corn sets up in his field to drive away the birds.

Also on can see how Ad-Dabbagh clearly claims divinity when saying that heavens and earths are like a Mawzuna in a desert land compared to him. Surely this contradicts what was just explained. Al-Dabbagh continued—God be pleased with him: But God the Sublime knows best! Thus if he wills something, it happens. And is it true what the Sufi masters say—God be pleased with them- about God speaking to them?

All of this is due to his evidentiary miracles—blessings and peace be upon him!

Three pivots are on his left each one an adherent of the other three schools of jurisprudence. When I returned to the Shaykh on a visit -and between us there was a distance of two halting-stations- he began to joke with me.

This was his usual practice when he went out to the East and when he returned to the West.

Ahmed Sijilmasi

Some of the noble Prophets were killed, others in jail, others in distress, others afflicted with illness, ibri battles. But God the Sublime bestows on His Friends the power to receive the lights.

Earlier when the hadith: Pthe next story further clarifies this: Then I said to him — God be pleased with him: Indeed, the spirits of animals are like their minds, and their minds are like their spirits.

Could any Muslim say such matters? Everyone of them then fled, except that one individual.

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