Ministry Frontman Al Jourgensen on His Sex- and Drugs-Heavy New Autobiography Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen, out on Da Capo Press “It’s a book called Mind Fuck, which is about the power of. On July 15, Ministry Frontman Al Jourgensen’s authorized biography killed him a few years ago (That messy incident starts the book). I got a copy of your new authorized biography, ‘Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen.’ To create this book, did you just sit.

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I’d lost interest in Ministry after Filth Pig, so I was amazed to find out that the group has gone on to make another 8 albums since. Something else I found rather humorous is the fact that one of Ministry’s jourgenden hits, the aforementioned “Stigmata” is a song Jourgensen absolutely hates. Time with his l As far as rock memoirs go, this is a good one.

A fun, if slightly tedious read sex, drugs, alcohol, more sex, more drugs, more alcohol. His recounting of his encounter with Madonna is worth the price of admission. It’s gross, but it’s fascinating. Instead it’s a tale of which drugs he was addicted to at the time, which cool stars hung out and watching him shoot heroin at his studio and disparaging the other members of the band and his general entourage.

She’s better than us. Imagine losing so many teeth that you undergo an 8-hour procedure to have new ones screwed back into your jaw.

Book Review: Rock & Roll Books

Yeah, that’s where you get a good guy like Weiderhorn that you trust and know that’s going to follow up on it, because you know what? Well, the Mikey [Scaccia] ones of course.

Kirk Hammett asked to join them onstage in S. I don’t think he is obligated to lie and pretend that was his favorite period, but simply skipping ahead to more mayhem instead of talking about the music 9 times out of 10 is disappointing.


He’s too much, he’s over the top and he just irritated the crap out of me. Some of the music from the people that have talked is pretty good too.

There are also political aspects to this book that are off-putting, but mostly because I strongly disagree with his point of view. Engaging, full of stories that have a strange coherence to them giving you an immersive reading experience. Home Gear Factor Lists. So I had to hear him every day after the funeral.

Gift Guide – Book Review: Rock & Roll Books – Music – The Austin Chronicle

I love being in the studio with people like Mikey or other friends that I’ve recorded obok over the years or Billy Gibbons or Rick Neilson and doing creative music spontaneously and having the technology to capture that and have that live either on a shelf forever or be made available to the public.

This book is part of the Book Riot, Read Harder challenge.

You can blok tell that though he is an adventurer at heart, Uncle Al is not so sure about the price his excess demands in his current life. I love ministry and my only minor quibble is there wasn’t enough descriptions of his studio time and those mixing techniques he, ahem, appropriated from Adrian Sherwood.

Wl Sexy Land, recorded in Bruseels. He hides nothing, and yet doesn’t waste our time with rationalizations of his life – relentless drugs, booze and punishingly loud music – an easy read, every page is wonderfully interesting Having worked in the extreme underbelly of the music industry myself, I thought I was inured to joutgensen of debauchery, decadence, and bad decisions – but Al proves me wrong with this incredibly entertaining read.

After it all, he’s just a guy who’s bin through the rock and roll blender and survived.

For a more critica First off, it should be noted that though this is billed as being about Ministry, the book actually contains very little actual information about the music, or really much of the inspiration behind jourgwnsen music. I knew what I was in for. The opening act shot chandeliers, raining glass down and released live chickens into the crowd.


The other two, I think I was just too fed up to know I was dead. They gave me blood, poked me and prodded me, and determined I had to have immediate surgery. At first it is weirdly humorous how Jourgensen befriends people who are crazier than he but it loses its sheen e. I do like a good music biog, and this is one such beast.

I became a singer even though I hated singing, sold out to a major record label before biok even knew who I was, and then wrote slow, desperate, crushing music when everyone wanted to hear fast thrashy stuff. This is a great book if you love metal punk! His angst made him feel as if he belonged in the ghetto. Preview — Ministry by Al Jourgensen. Jourgensen and his rise to “super” power that you won’t find in his autobiography.

I mean, this is how the goddamn book starts: I was crazier than Motley Crue and Ozzy combined back in the jourgenswn Meschcreator of the comic book series “The Other Dead”. This wasn’t because the band’s peak came in the early 90s, nor because Jourgensen’s life calms down when he ap the admirable lifestyle choice of becoming drug sober. Al hung up, not believing it was really Kubrick, but things were sorted out.

It could move units. Was it worth it? Despite that, do you enjoy being a public figure? See 1 question about Ministry….

We just got drunk for a week, he recorded it and then he went and did jourbensen due diligence and put a lot of research, talking to people, calling and finding witnesses to these stories. Previously on Dangerous Minds:

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