instructions. module software by connecting its USB port to that of a computer. The DM6 module comes with 10 Preset Kits ( – .. Connect pads to the kit by inserting the metal rod into the . The DM6 hi-hat pedal (included) can send out four different levels, allowing you. DM6 USB Kit – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 1.

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There can be some slippage when using the pedal on certain shiny wood or tile surfaces. We have limited space so they seemed to be the set that would make us all happy.

With beaterless pedals like this one, it can be hard to play certain advanced bass drum techniques such as heel-up and swivel methods. The Alesis Burst Kit is a good kit for the money and will last you many years with care and attention.


The stereo jack input lets you plug any audio signal through the module. I have absolutely nothing to complain about in terms of sound. By gradually pressing down on the pedal manhal your foot you can change the hi-hat sound from open and sloshy to closed and tight.

Once set up, the Alesis DM6 will take up an area of about 5ft by 4ft. The DM6 mxnual has the ability to record your playing.

Alesis DM6 usb kit (tutorial please help)

It is portable but will stay in place on most surfaces, such as carpets and drum mats. I bought this as a starter kit for my 10 year old son. Playing on the hi-hat pad with your foot totally off the pedal triggers the open hi-hat usn. Also, the cymbals have no choke funtions like those of pricier kits have.


Alesis DM6 Kit specs. This drum set is aimed at beginners to the instrument. Your email address will not be published. The pads and cymbals have a natural playing feel that will appeal to veteran drummers and newcomers alike.

I recommend this ub to anyone that is thinking of getting a cheap and quality electric drums set with endless MIDI possibilities. And they are labelled very clearly. Hey Mark, Hm, strange. The Alesis Burst Kit sits upon a four-post aluminum rack which is both simple and flexible.

Alesis DM6 Drums User Manual

Yes, you do need some kind of sound output device that you plug into the output on the back of the module. Alesis Sub Kit reviews. The DM6, like most other electronic drum kitshas pads made of rubber with a steel core. Kig also read our Affiliate Disclosure to learn more about how we advertise on this website using affiliate programs.

We use cookies to analyze usage of our website and personalize user experience. Hey, I’m Yannick, and I want to uzb you become the awesome drummer you can be! This is a more solid rack than some other entry-level kits such as the Alesis DM Lite.

The pedal is connected to the drum module and triggers samples based on how hard you play on it. This kit is more durable than the earlier DM Lite by Alesis and feels better to play on. Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. I can connect to GarageBand and record it there then take it to ProTools for further detail.

Selecting each kit is done by navigating through the preset sounds using the plus and minus buttons. The pads that come with the Alesis Burst Kit are plastic with a rubber playing surface. The triggering on this kit works depending on how hard you strike each drum. I’d do it again for sure. I also think it is a little bit hard to customize pads’ positions because of the screws and plastic pieces used to fix them to the racks. Songs are composed in a wide range of styles from funk to pop to rock and jazz.


As for the second problem, this advic e might help. Alesis DM6 Kit accessories. The DM6 module that comes with the Burst Kit has a nice selection of quality samples to play with.

This would’ve received a 5-star rating, unfortunately there was one thing that stood out for me. I enjoy playing after bands and record myself and the DM6 module has abled me to do both within one unit.

Any way you look at it, the price is great for the quality you get. Can i make the hi hat pedal changes into a second kick pedal?? It features a built-in metronome and patterns so you can sharpen your skills. There are sounds built into the DM6 drum module and this amounts to 10 drum kits in total.

And you can adjust the volume of the latter via the knob on the module. Not a cow but a ding as in dingdong anybody home? I highly appreciate your feedback! That issue can most likely be ironed out through a firmware update: Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The rack supports every drum and cymbal and allows you to raise or lower them for maximum comfort.

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