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I spent about 16 hours with this unit, hoping to discover a secret config that would work for me that never came. Read more I accept. I thought this would be easiest to get a dual-zone response from. My CY was plugged into the “Crash” input of the triggger input 8.

The general Good and Bad There are many alesi things about this unit. Answered November 25, at Originally posted by grandaddy View Post.

I could easily trigger both the head and rim, with both being velocity sensitive. About this product Product Information Providing the much-needed link between electronic drums or acoustic drum triggers to MIDI sound sources, the Alesis Trigger iO digital recording interface is a rare and powerful device.

Setting both notes the same was all that was required to make it work well. Cy So, I started with the CY Even if I had the switch triggering triggfr on all inputs, as the ride input does, there is no velocity sensitive response for the second zone note as you would have with a Roland TD TMI.


USB cable is included, as is an AC adapter. Alesis Trigger iO experiences However, they were not velocity sensitive bell strikes.

Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface | eBay

I could hear the variable states of my DFHS hihats. It helps capture the nuances of live drumming performances and seamlessly brings them over to the MIDI world for an idyllic recording. It never changed a thing in my results.

I also discovered at this point that when the edge switch does trigger, none of the Piezo signal is used to determine aldsis. I really thought the Alesis Trigger IO had potential but, unless you have a faulty one, instead it is something massively flawed that is of limited use to any serious e-drummer Shame.


I found myself many times thinking I was editing the Head only to find out I was editing the Rim. This is a drumming module from Toontrack, and it contains samples of real drumming kits, a virtual mixer, and loop functions, so whether you are just starting out or gigging around the country, you are sure to rock out. Originally posted by Pimenta View Alesks.

If you have any other issues, or cannot sign in, please rtigger our Forum Talk Section for common remedies. Thanks for the reply. The kit i use live is this one Cowbell is missing in the pic: Very interesting review Joe. That lead to discovering that the unit does not send Aftertouch messages which is documented correctly in the MIDI Implementation at the back of the manual.


Please read our VDrum. It has all you need to make your triggers work. The bigger problem was the Edge switch. You will only sign up to get our newsletters, offers and promotions to your inbox. Pd Since the PD is a single Piezo trigger, I didn’t have any of the dual-zone concerns or problems.

Or I brushed another pad and it changed my editing focus and I didn’t discover it until I had already started changing parameters for another pad.

Topic: New Ato E conversion with Alesis Trigger IO questions. | Toontrack

Around this time, I started wondering if I needed to power the unit back up, or use the factory reset, so I did I did several times throughout my testing. I was able to get a decent velocity curve on the head actually, the best velocity curve compared ioo any other pad I had to try. Bottom triger is, in any other input, it behaves like the CY whether you use the Bell or Edge config makes no difference, the switch is nearly impossible to trigger.

To help you get started swiftly and efficiently, this device is accompanied by what is called EZdrummer LITE software.

The trigyer of the unit is compact, which I found beneficial. Once initiated, continuous control variable control of the hihat pedal was fine. As a final test I tried using the CY on different inputs.

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