Amber DRPG offers the limitless multiverse of Amber to players both new and familiar with the setting. While often billed as a game for more. In an effort to get Amber-related sites gathered here for people to check out, please post your favorite and most useful links! There are a lot of. There are four Attributes in the Amber RPG; Psyche, Strength, Endurance and Warfare. They are measured in two ways. First, by the rank, which is where the.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Unspent character points become good stuff — a good luck for the character.

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Nine Princes In Amber. They are told from the point of view of a character whose background lies at the other end of the universe, so the perspective is rather different. A storyteller by trade and avowed tabletop veteran, he is always on the lookout for creative tabletop games. Any points left over after all this become “good stuff”.


While often billed as a game for more advanced players, it is highly intuitive and very easy to learn. From the very start, players are encouraged to compete with each other as much as with the environment. The game is unusual in that no dice are used in resolving conflicts or player actions; instead a simple diceless system of comparative ability, and narrative description ambwr the action by the players and gamemasteris used to determine how situations are resolved.

But this game isn’t hard to play.

Amber Diceless Role-Playing Games

Their clothes are still on the hangers. The former option is one presented in the book; the latter is known in the Amber community as an ” Amethyst ” game.


Inshe killed her friend, Charmian. Akber the GM Screen Podcast. Her first victim was her half brother, Horace Rickey Benson, who she killed because he was humming too loudly.

The Master Female Fictional Character. Yes the system does have some bugs but I think the innovation otuweighs some ambfr the tehcnical misteps. If there is a substantial difference between characters’ ranks, the conflict is generally over before the weaker character can react.

But the book has some nice hints on how to run a good session. It’s a fantasy world, where gunpowder and automobile engines don’t work. Bargaining becomes a factor between players, as a rival can be turned to an ally with an early offer of support in another auction, or previously silent player can cause a sudden upset by taking first with an unreasonably high bid after several characters have already invested into an Attribute. As illustrated by the quote above, the Royal Family is constantly plotting, scheming, backstabbing and besting one another.

Honestly, they were being very critical of the damage on the book in their description.

Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game

Both books were translated into French and published by Jeux Descartes in and The expansion, Shadow Knightadds Constructs — artifacts amger connections to shadows. Experienced players find themselves drawn towards certain archetypes in the narrative, but challenges can be found in nearly any sort of build.

Barring that, they may need to find a way out of the fight alive. Connflict is resolved by the GM looking at your ranking and assesing the a,ber. She is smart and entertaining, but can also be very sneaky and a bit violent. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Amber DRPG – The Arcana Wiki

She is currently at school. Some Amberzine issues are still available from Phage Press. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.


Players are competing for ranks in one of four attributes Warfare, Strength, Stamina, and Psyche. Off along the shore, perhaps.

Magic items that you might salivate over in another game can come ridiculously cheap. Shadow Knight does address this drrpg somewhat, by presenting the “living trump” abilities as somewhat limited. She also hangs around with ddpg teenager called Marilyn Webb.

For those who haven’t read the novels the story deals with a family of dimension travelling imortals and their kingdom Amber. She loves her teacher Mrs Curtis but hates Miss Foster whose interests include putting children in detention for no reason.

Pirate King Hacks Nonprofit Organization. Retrieved from ” https: PatternLogrusShape-shiftingTrumpand magic. Alternatively, if characters’ attribute ranks are close, the weaker character can try to change the relevant attribute by changing the nature of the conflict. Unlike most tabletop character generation, character creation in the game is done drog with the Attribute Auction.

Amber DRPG updated their cover photo. Click here to edit contents of this page. Dprg Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Shree Bhagwati Creations Producer. I was glad to have the opportunity to replace my original copy. The main rulebook makes great use drp this Unreliable Narrator notion to posit several different versions of each of the major NPCs.

The main thing to remember is that the majority of the universe is “merely shadow”, and that the only thing that can really compete with an Amberite is another Amberite.

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