2 About ARexx Programs. Running ARexx Programs; Using ARexx Interactively. 3 Program Examples. Program 1. A function is a program or group of statements that is executed whenever that function name is called in a particular context. A function may be. NAME. Amiga::ARexx – Perl extension for ARexx support. ABSTRACT. This a perl class / module to enable you to use ARexx with your.

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The first is that every Arexx source file needs to start with a comment, or the RexxMast intepretator will not recognize this as a program.

When an assignment is made to a stem symbol, it assigns that value to all possible compound Elements of the Aerxx 21 symbols derived from the stem.

Activate a CLI window. The result is in radiants.

AmigaOS Manual: ARexx – AmigaOS Documentation Wiki

As this is much too simple and still uses intermediate files which we have to remove from RamDisk to save memoryhere is a similar script to show each version string in a requester.

Two names are used in the search: The syntax of this form is slightly different, and is described in Chapter 4. A program invoked as a function can have any number of arguments if called as an internal function, but external functions are limited to a maximum of 15 arguments. The seed argument can be supplied to initialize the internal state of the random number generator. In some cases a program may not have a predefined output stream. Any number of “?

At the program prompt, insert the system disk on which ARexx is to be installed into drive 0. Each ARexx program consists of a comment line that describes the program and an instruction that displays text on the console. Otherwise, the program terminates immediately with the error message “Execution halted” and returns with the error code set to 2.


This means that a template specification like 78 Chapter 8 parse arg i all 1 first second will assign the entire parse string to tie variable ALL. Tracing and Interrupts 71 Display Formatting Each trace line displayed on the console is indented to show the effective control nesting level at that clause, and is identified by a special three-character code, as shown in Table 7.

The function returns a boolean result that indicates whether the operation was suc- cessful.

One obvious technique is to create an actual command file on the “RAM: Views Read View source View history. If the specified name includes an explicit path, only that directory is searched for the program; otherwise, the current directory and the system REXX: Scripts must be able to handle error conditions and take some kind of action when an error occurs ie.

Targets are specified by variable symbols. The break request is ignored if the interrupt is not enabled.

AmigaOS Manual: ARexx Functions

The returned string does not include the newline. The valid option keywords are listed below. An arxex function is identified by a label within the program. Checks the specified logical file name and returns the Boolean value 1 Trueif the end-of-file has been reached, and 0 False otherwise.

ARGQ can also return the total number arxx arguments, or the status as arexz or “omitted” of a particular argument. When the icon is opened, Rx starts RexxMast if it is not already running. ARexx scripts can also be invoked as functions from other ARexx scripts. This allows the program logic to be verified before any commands are actually sent to the external program. However, it is a primarily a text-oriented language system and requires a good text editor and file management environment to be most effective.


This form interchanges the current and previous hosts. Views Read View source View history.

AmigaOS Manual: ARexx Parsing – AmigaOS Documentation Wiki

The input for the operation is called the parse string and can come from several sources; these source options are described with the PARSE instruction in Chapter 4. The mpu token will be either NONE or depending on whether a math coprocessor is available on the system.

All of the compound symbols associated with a particular stem are stored in one tree, with the root of the tree held by the entry for the stem. Instructions This chapter contains an alphabetical listing of ARexx instructions, which are language statements that dictate an action.

EOF file Checks the specified logical file name and returns the boolean value 1 True if the end-of- file has been reached, and False otherwise. The last argument must amigw followed by a closing parenthesis. ARexx maintains two implicit host addresses, a “current” and a “previous” value, as part of the program’s storage environment. The returned string will never have leading or trailing blanks.

A Practical Approach to Programming 1st ed. Templates are scanned from left to right with the initial scan index set to 1, the start of the parse string. Programs invoked while the external tracing flag is set will begin executing in interactive tracing mode.

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