Edward Gorey’s Amphigorey Book measures x inches (x cm) for $ An illustrated collection of 15 macabre short stories. In this gorgeously detailed volume, American artist and author Edward Gorey accents amphigory. This follow-up to the darkly humorous Amphigorey is wittier, more macabre, and more wondrous than ever. Master illustrator and iconic gothic.

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We were rooting around together one afternoon looking for folk songs believe it or not, kids, those used to be hugely popular in the old daysand she wandered off in search of curiosities.

John Garvey, was a popular Born in Chicago, Gorey came from a colorful family; his parents, Helen Dunham Garvey and Edward Lee Gorey, divorced in when he was 11, then remarried in when he was Each story is told with various black and white drawings. And this, again, gifted from Dad in the 70’s at which point I didn’t appreciate it at all.

Edward Gorey’s books are problematic for ggorey. Those who believe they are unfamiliar with the prose and verse works of Edward Gorey aptly named: How did he get in the unused room on the third floor?

I looked on the internet and Funny, dark, occasionally provoking a thrill of anxiety that comes edwarc staring at a door opened just a crack, and terror at what finally leaps therefrom, these 15 books-in-one are like little spells cast in illustrations as detailed and fascinating as whorls in a fingerprint. Although he would frequently state that his formal art training was “negligible”, Gorey studied art for one semester at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago amphigoeeyeventually becoming a professional anphigorey.

Amphigorey Too by Edward Gorey | : Books

Born in Chicago, Gorey came from a colorful family; his parents, Helen Dunham Garvey and Edward Lee Gorey, divorced in when he was 11, then remarried in eddard he was Time to decora An amphigory is a nonsense verse or composition.


The only real exposure I’d had to him was his art for the Mystery!

Mar 26, Jeanette “Astute Crabbist” rated it it was amazing Shelves: An amphigory is a nonsense verse or composition. Jan 12, Rock rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m certainly a fan of Gorey and can’t wait to read the other ‘Amphigorey’ books. Yes, I enjoy the sinister, the gloom, and macabre.

No, I do not condone the carnage of children. I was also surprised by the fact that some of them were alphabet rhymes rather than stories and that at least one story didn I’d never read any Edward Gorey before Amphigorey.

Amphigorey (Amphigorey, #1) by Edward Gorey

Also;a crapaud is a toad,bleu means blue. Drawings of proper Edwardians and careful, polite commentary discuss such topics as child abuse, parental death, murder, hauntings, rotting bodies, perversions, ominous scary individuals, strange creatures, insanity, suici Edward Gorey certainly knows how to deliver depravity and sweet talk his audience at the same time!

But a longer story of one child. These show why his work has aged so well as – besides the mainstreaming of the gothic, he hits the right political notes for goreey likely, young ,readers now: In this volume, there is a amphitorey of fifteen stories written by Edward Gorey and they include: This was simply a fun read for “blah” day! Having got the personal significance out of the way when I wrote about Amphigorey Alsoit’s now much easier to concentrate on Goorey qua Gorey.

The Listing Attic is a series of stand-alone dark limericks, mostly in English though a few are in French.


Amphigorey Too

Meanwhile her Victorian family “grew sick with apprehension, Which a heavy tea only served to increase” 12 The West Wing – a wordless 30 picture work; each appears to show something spooky in a room – a shadow of a levitating woman; a ghostly face peering through window; handkerchiefs flying The story was a surprise and a delight if you can be delighted by a dark twist.

Amphigprey his twisted, creepy sense of humor amphigprey just my cup of tea not everyone’s cup, I know. One ‘story’ is wordless.

But makes sense as a Hilaire Belloc for a world where god is dead. Children meeting horrible amphigoeey monsters,human and otherwise. That said, I can’t adequately judge the quality of this art, it is perfect edwrd what it is, and it is what it is. I’m su Amphigorey, or amphigouri, meaning a nonse verse or composition.

The Sinking Spell – classically Gorey lacunae: The Remembered Visit – my favourite in the whole book.

Amphigorey Fifeteen Books By Edward Gorey

Once upon a time we had every book of his all first editions and all signed. Jul 12, John rated it it was ampigorey Shelves: I have no idea how this man got published in the 50s accept he was so good. This collection is perfect to be read on Halloween. In this collection though the stories are not all BAM!

This is a favorite line of mine: This collection gathers together fifteen of his illustrated books, including stories, verses, and picture books. The artwork is stunning.

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