This handbook is designed to be a useful collection of engineering and technical information on electrical and optical wire and cable and related products. Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Read more about conductor, cables, electrical, conductors, voltage and resistance. View Anixter Cable from ENG 1 at Tsinghua University. WIRE AND CABLE TECHNICAL INFORMATION HANDBOOK $ HARDBOUND $

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Common ones include Teflon, Tefzel, Kynar, and Halar. Time Domain Reflectometers TDRs are devices used to locate faults, determine length, and measure attenuation of inofrmation cable. A pulling force applied on the cable will not separate the physically contacting tips within a coupler; a feature very attractive to securing a successful transmission of information. The key also ensures performance repeatability from reconnection to reconnection. Hypalon sheathing will not support combustion.

ACSR aluminum conductor, steel reinforced — A bare composite cabpe aluminum and steel wires, usually aluminum around steel. The most frequently used ampacity tables are contained in the following publications: K Up to 2, 0.

The multiple conductor column in the table above covers the following conditions: Bolt illustrations not drawn to scale. A uniform tight pattern must be maintained all through the rewind operation until the end of the cable is secured to the flange. H Conductor constructions having nandbook range of areas from 5, circular mils and employing 91 stranded members of 19 wires each down to No.

Therefore, the capacitance of polyethylene is 2. Would ahixter like to tell us about a lower price? Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE TPE, sometimes called TPR thermoplastic rubberhas excellent cold temperature characteristics making it an excellent insulating and jacketing compound in cold climates. However, TDRs are only capable of locating breaks or shorts having an impedance different than that of the cable.


A, B, M, and S. Tip materials include stainless steel, nickel-plated brass, ceramic, plastic, and aluminum. Cables installed in one- and two-family dwellings must be identified as Type CMX.

TFE must be extruded over a silver- or nickel-coated wire.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

Height above bottom, distance from specimen surface. The short circuit current is the maximum allowable current that the cable can withstand without damage. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

A comparison is shown below: Diameter 5 1 femtometer. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? When properly formulated, thermoplastic jackets of polyvinyl chloride PVC provide cables with the ability to resist oils, acids, alkalis, sunlight, heat, weathering, and abrasion. Among the most common are Type W and Type G.

AGC — Automatic gain control. Neoprene will burn slowly as long as an outside source of flame is applied, but is self-extinguishing as soon as the flame is removed. Below are listed some of the most common high temperature wire and cable types along with their temperature rating: We have tried to make this handbook the best in the industry and hope we have succeeded.

The ICEA standard provides further guidance stating that if a white conductor is required, this color may be introduced into Table K-2 as the second conductor in the sequence.


CPE — Dow Chemical trademark for chlorinated polyethylene. The method used depends on the anticipated maximum pulling tension in each case.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

Although the electromagnetic energy travels in the dielectric, the current associated with the energy travels primarily on the outside of the center conductor and the inside of the outer conductor shield. For example, the BNC connector uses bayonet coupling; the TNC connector is essentially the same, but with a threaded coupling.

This means that long wire and cable lengths are available. The price range can vary accordingly.

Some formulations also have good flame resistance. Make sure staples are shorter than flange thickness so that they cannot extend through the flange and damage the cable. Their main application is in cost sensitive consumer applications. RED color code is negative throughout circuit.

Hypalon is a registered trademark of E. Hook up Red Color-Coded wire to negative terminal of instrument. The electric utility industry generally specifies control cables with the K-1 color coding sequence.

Watts Watts Foot-Pounds per minute 9. Armor usually a metal is frequently applied over the cable core to provide this protection. FOIL informtaion A thin, continuous sheet of metal. Accessory equipment is necessary to safely conduct high voltage tests such as safety barriers, rubber gloves and nonconducting hard hats.

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