Bandwidth Manager software manual covers topics from network configuration and sharing Internet connection to instructions and explaination how to create. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager is a Windows PC gateway software which helps you control and limit Internet usage, including download and upload rate. access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity. Software includes statistics and reporting with many useful features. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Manual.

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Use it to enable automatic logout if client do not use Internet bandwidth for specified time period. This option allows fully automated process if maual already use Antamedia Internet Caffe software in your cybercafe. Learn now to configure the Kiosk software and turn your Kiosk or PC to a secure lock-down system, ready to serve your customers.

Web sites will be automatically blocked if specified keywords appear in url address. Inactivity timeout option can be used to automatically disconnect a user from the Internet after specified time of inactivity.

You can use integrated page editor if you’re familiar with html located in HotSpot – Setup – Pages – Customize page. Point Of Sale software manual explains how to configure items and categories. On the same page, please click on Download Certificate button 9.


Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

Internet Caffe Server control. It is enabled by default and set to Type how many accounts you want to generate in the ‘Number Of Accounts’ field 2. To download latest versions of our software please go to download section.

Inactivity field shows time left in seconds before automatic logoff occur. Here will be given instructions bandwdth configuration of Windows Connection Sharing that apply to Windows 7, Windows 8.

Download database server from http: If you want to see account password uncheck Hide checkbox. Please note that default certificate file can be used.

Integrated filter shows all logs for specified time period. HotSpot Click Add On. How to Start Bandwidth control?

User connection can be stopped using the following steps: This is basic sharing method which comes with Windows. IP and MAC address, time left, quota bandwidth left for usebandwidth data transfer per second and inactivity.

This setup page offers highly configurable tax system. Main panel shows the most important details of connected computers: Please specify new password for administrator login. HotSpot Software is taking care of time calculations for you.

Account details page contains most important account properties and offers time top-up and bandwidth settings. Type name and password of your employee 2.


How to generate accounts? This time can be used when customer wants to. Login page can be easily customized. There are 2 PayPal processing options: Working with accounts is very easy.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager | Download

Press ‘Generate code’ button You can see a list of bills with date and time of charge, account username, subtotal tax and total amount charged. If you want to completely change layout of the page, you bandwjdth use any of the web page editors Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc.

Choose location on your hard drive where it should be stored. Certificate file can be ordered from our partner Marc Smith. Website Payments Pro – available to US customers only 2. These confirmations activate account and stores payment details in the database. Next day, autologin for computer will be enabled again. Antamedia HotSpot software gives you ability to customize: How to Stop Bandwidth control?

To proceed, customer need to type username and password and to press Login button.

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