Antonio. Pigafetta wrote one of the most influential journals of the 16th century in , which recorded the events of the Mallegan voyage around the world. About the diary: The version used here is The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley as reproduced in. By Antonio Pigafetta. Original text, with translation, notes and bibliography by James Alexander Robertson. (Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company.

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This last kind have no feet and are always in the sea. After many other subjects, the captain asked them who would succeed the king in their country after his death. This isle is named Zamal.

Then a slave of the captain’s, who was from Sumatraotherwise named Traprobana, spoke from afar to these people, who understood his talk, [] and came near to the side of the ship, but they withdrew immediately, and would not enter ajtonio ship from fear of us.

The captain seeing that they were of this good condition, to do them greater honour conducted them to the ship, and showed them all his goods, that is to say, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace, [] gold and all that was in the ship. At the end of his book, Pigafetta stated that he had given a copy of his book to Charles V.

Vargas Diary of Juan Labrador, O. Therefore our people made them signs to come to the ship and that they would help them to carry their bundles. Under this husk there is another very hard, and thicker than that of a walnut. Mary, and it was thought there that from thence there was a passage to the Sea of Sur; that is to say, the South Sea. Views Read Edit View history. Most antonko should sign in with their email address.

The prince and the King of Mazzava, who was with him, presented to the captain on behalf of his king large baskets full of rice, pigs, goats, and fowls, and desired the captain to be told he should pardon them that their present was not as fine as was fitting for him. These ceremonies last for five or six days, during which the corpse is kept in the house, and I believe that they anoint it with oil of camphor to preserve it.

And it is not found that any ship has ever discovered anything more, having passed beyond the said cape. These ordinances he published and made over in writing to each master of the ships, and commanded them to be observed and inviolably kept, xntonio there were great and legitimate excuses, and appearance of not having been able to do otherwise.


Nevertheless he did not entirely declare the voyage which he was going to make, so that his men should journzl from amazement and fear be unwilling to accompany him on so long a voyage, as he had undertaken in his intention. He told him not to be afraid when our artillery fired on that day, for it was the custom to load it on those feasts without firing stones or other balls.

Under these the women I have mentioned sat down covered with white cotton cloth. Meanwhile a woman cut off by degrees pugafetta hair of the dead man with a knife: Then the captain, with tears in his eyes, embraced them, and, taking the hand of the prince and that of the king, said to him that by the faith he had in God, and to his master the emperor, and by the habit of St.

On approaching the principal town the captain-general commanded all his ships to hang out their flags. When pigafetha of their chiefs dies they always use the following funeral ceremonies, of which I was witness. After that the two kings and the captain rested themselves; and, while conversing, I asked where was the best port amtonio obtaining victuals.

Certainly these giants run faster than a horse, and they are very jealous of their wives.

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On the receipt of this message, the captain decided to go himself with three boats. When this giant was unwell [92] he asked for the cross, and embraced and kissed it much, and he wished to become a Christian before his death, and we named him Paul. The captain-general, who had informed the king and all those who had been baptised of the obligation they were under of burning their idols, which they had promised to do, seeing that they retained them and made them offerings of meat, reproved them severely for it.

The captain then said that if they became Christians he would leave them the arms which the Christians use, and that his king had commanded him so to do. On the day that we had the sun in the zenith we felt greater heat, as much as when we were on the equinoctial line.

Antonio Pigafetta

The king answered him that he was welcome, but that the custom was that all ships which arrived at his country or port paid tribute, and it was only four days since that a ship called the Junk of Ciama, [] laden with gold and slaves, had paid him his tribute, and, to verify what he said, he showed them a merchant of the said Ciama, who had remained there to trade with the gold and slaves.


He served on board the galleys of the Knights of Rhodes, and accompanied the papal nuncio, Monsignor Chieregati, to Spain. In this pigafetga they found incense, and ostriches, foxes, sparrows, and rabbits [62] a good deal smaller than ours. Then John Cavagio, [50] the pilot who was the chief conductor of these two giants, would not bring away the wife of one of the giants who pigafdtta remained in irons on that evening, but was of opinion that they should sleep there, because it was almost night.

Antonio Pigafetta – Wikipedia

The hands of the other two giants were bound, but it was with great difficulty; then the captain sent them back on shore, with nine of his men to conduct them, and to bring the wife of one of those who had remained in irons, because he regretted her greatly, as we saw by signs. I omit relating many other strange things, not to be too prolix; however, I will not forget to say that mass was said twice on shore, where there were many people of the said country, who remained on their knees, and their hands joined in great reverence, during the mass, so that it was a pleasure and a subject of compassion to see them.

In past time, in this river, these great men named Canibali ate a Spanish captain, named John de Sola, [38] and sixty men who had gone to discover land, as we were doing, and trusted too much to them. The people of the said place gave, in order to have a knife, or a hook [21] for catching fish, five or six fowls, and for a comb they gave two geese, and for a small mirror, or a pair of scissors, they gave so much fish that ten men could have eaten of it.

The said country of Verzin is very abundant in all good things, and is larger than France, Spain, and Italy together. When the repast was over, our people returned, and related all to the captain; and the King of Mazzabua, who was on board the captain’s ship, and who was the first king after him of Zzubu, and the lord of several isles, wished to go on shore to relate to the king the politeness and courtesy of our captain.

By which means I could satisfy the desire of the said lords, and mine own also. Pigafetta’s narrative has been published several times from several variant sources.

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