Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington has ratings and reviews. Scott said: I read this book in , and it probably has more meaning today. By the New York Times bestselling authors of Planto and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar Aristotle and an Aardvark Go To Washington Understanding Political. Den här utgåvan av Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington är slutsåld. Kom in och se andra utgåvor eller andra böcker av samma författare.

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Essentially, it takes all of the famous cleverly or otherwise worded statements that we have heard in politics over the past few years and pins a philosophical debate moniker on each of them.

Still don’t have him. Some reader feedback suggests it bashes one side too much; believe it or not, I had moments of wishing it would go ahead and bash arguments’ content thoroughly, rather than stick with an analysis of their logical aardvak. Philosophers by preoccupation and comedians by accident, Cathcart and Klein provide a compact but useful primer on BS detection in their humorous little book, “Aristotle and an Aardvark go to Washington”.

BookLoons Reviews – Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington by Thomas Cathcart

You would let them die? Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes, which will be translated into more than a dozen languages. Good book w useful examples about framing an arguement Enjoyable little book that shows how arguements can be framed to support almost any point of view and how to spot the false premise.


So I end up terrorizing friends, family and colleagues by cornering them with comics and political cartoons from people who can.

Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington

They use quotes from several political and business leaders and dissect there logic if there is any to be found. The book was well organized and walked you through the basics of logic, making this perfect for the novice, although probably also appealing in it’s innovative application to those more knowledgeable as well.

Also, some might perceive a liberal bias -which didn’t bother me, but some may appreciate a heads up. N o one is aristotlf from Cathcart’s and Klein’s caustic and cynical analysis: Leans to the left, but is an interesting look at how words are used in politics and how they are sneaky.

It’s almost Primary Time! Not as good as its predecessor, Plato and a Platypus.

I had really hoped that aristolte would be more balanced instead of just a soap box for the authors’ personal beliefs. Feb 04, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: It was published inso missing is applications of the last four years.

The book illustrates many informal and formal fallacies including, but not limited to: Dec 14, Yankey rated it liked it.

Apr 23, Sean Fletcher rated it it was amazing. There is little recognition of political discourse as a rhetorical art, and when it is, it is almost always aristotl as a species of persuasion. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington by Thomas Cathcart

Illustrated Philosophy Hardcover Books. I was much better when I looked at every premise as p’s and q’s. While the examples of erroneous thinking and fallacious reasoning presented here are not by any means exhaustive of the subject matter, they are nonetheless the most common, and it is a public service to put their names in the public consciousness.


The beginning of the book assured it would be funny, but it only succeeded a few times. It explores the various logical fallacies that are present in the political dialog.

However, if we have learned anything in the past years or so of aistotle, it is there are more persuasive means than rhetoric. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Help you spot the lies and bad thinking that’s so much a part of the world around us. It is more about philosophical values and what it takes spin and tricks; lies and dissembling to get elected to promote those values.

Everyone is fair-game in Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington. Dubya fans take note, this was w Time to deconstruct the spin of DC with some philosophical analysis and a few laughs.

I still was laughing though, and it was a fairly enjoyable quick read. People who bought this also bought. Angels Marco Bussagli Inbunden. You won’t find any criticism of the Obama administration whatsoever because the book predates it.

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