Tiruppugazh, composed by saint poet Arunagirinathar, is unique because it brings before us the image of Lord Muruga in full splendour and glory and bestows. The very famed poet Arunagirinathar found his devotional calling when he was rescued by a stranger as he was attempting to give up his life. He claimed that.

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Welcome to Thiruppugazh home

It is believed that one who recites Kandar Anubuthi would easily overcome the internal arunagirinathxr like senses and ego, the external illusions and attain Self-realization. While the forms of composition are arunagirinatthar stirring, the contents are inspiring and worth contemplating upon. Though they appeared to tread different path, they all sought to reach the same end; the liberation.

Each word appeared like a selectively chosen flower to adore the God. Sri Sachidhananda Swamigal, a disciple of Saint Seshadri swamigal, took Thiruppugazh as the mission of his life and popularised them. Arunagiri visited temples all over South India and composed 16, songs – about 2, alone remained in this earth.

Some of his songs are addressed to the Lord with a prayer to provide solace and salvation, while some others are addressed to fellow beings to come out of their world of illusion and seek the way to real and lasting happiness. Views Read Edit View history.

Arunagirinathar – Wikipedia

He was the creator of Thiruppugazh Tamil: Since the songs were rendered after he realized God, it is believed that they were rendered by the blessings of God. A devotee may not have the skill in music. May be it was a coincidence. Because of his unique style of composition, his universal outlook and his masterly analysis of the complex nature of human relations and behaviour, the saint has been variously hailed as a giant among poets, a rare genius and an erudite scholar.

He decided to end his life, went to a temple and hit his head against the pillars and steps, begging for forgiveness. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Varying rhythms were in-built into the songs in a way that every song has a distinct Thala or time measure. But lyrical beauty and poetic elegance alone do not make Arunagirinathar’s compositions great.


He saw Muruga as another form of Siva and as related to Lord Vishnu. Raghavan started a movement for expounding the cause of Thiruppugazh through songs. A hymn from Kandar Alamgaram says: But we believed it was our faith on Lord Muruga reinforced by our faith on Thiruppugazh that performed this miracle.

Arunagirinatha, the author of thiruppugazh | Thiruppugazh – Glory to Lord Muruga

Kandha Sashti Kavasam audio with lyrics and lyrics of all Murugan kavasangal. We believed, when we prayed through Thiruppagazh, Lord Muruga readily answered because it was the Lord Himself who helped the author in composing it. Very little documentary evidence is available about his early life and whatever arujagirinathar known were collected from hearsay.

We are ardent devotees of Lord Muruga.

You have blessed me the talent and skill to compose Thiruppugazh that excels in poetic grandeur that resonates in Chandam style and radiates the light of knowledge. Rather than realizing arunagiirnathar divinity within, the supreme consciousness of the Self, the individual is carried away by the glittering images of the world. It is difficult to judge who arunagironathar great; Arunagirinathar, the saint or Arunagirinathar, the poet.

Besides, all the four lines start with same word, yet each word carry different meaning.

He was a devotee of Lord Murugan and worshipped him at the sacred Vedapureeswarar temple in the town of Cheyyar. In his song, Sivanar Manam Kulira, He described the various acts of frolics done by Krishna stealing the butter from the neighboring houses.

Thiruppugazh is a set of songs that kindles the music of devotion in one’s heart and stimulates spiritual awakening in the mind. The bhajan concluded with deeparadhana. The songs contain philosophical musings on Godexpressed in simple terms, placing particular emphasis on the role arunaagirinathar God’s grace or mercy in helping the individual deal with the troubles and ills that afflict humanity. Chengalvaraya Pillai of Thirutthani understood their value, retrieved and published them.


The Lord heard her prayer and blessed her with a son. As Arunagiri did not know how to go about, the Lord commanded him to come to Vayalur. His God, Muruga was full of compassion, kindness and Jnana arrunagirinathar ever ready to shower His blessings on anyone who worships Him with pure devotion.

There is no doubt that Arunagirinathar possessed a deep knowledge of music and rhythms. He saw in tirupugal vision, Muruga standing majestically, the sparkling Arunagirinafhar in the hold of his hands, the beautiful peacock nearby. In the song rendered at Kasi DhaaranikathiArunagirinathar seeks the blessings of Lord Viswanatha to be able to go beyond the realm of body and mind and attain knowledge by which he would be able to experience the Muruga within.

Abirami Apps See more. Arunagiri stood still for a while, unable to believe his eyes.

Go and compose songs studded with pearls muttu of devotion and wisdom. He lost his parents at an early age and was brought up by his sister.

Thiruppugazh — Musical Way of Worship. I will begin at the beginning. It is only you, Lord Muruga, who make me sing. Whereas akam poetry uses the imagery in the context of secular, sensuous lovethe Thiruppugazh uses the same imagery in the context of the longing of the individual for God. He visualised Muruga as admiring young Krishna’s mischiefs like stealing butter ” Navaneethamum Tirudi ” from the song:

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