ASME B40.100 PDF

Must be ASME B compliant. 9. The manufacturer is to provide a 5 year product warranty. Pressure gauges to be Winters P3S Series or approved. Buy ASME B Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments (B – ) from SAI Global. Buy ASME B (R) PRESSURE GAUGES AND GAUGE ATTACHMENTS from SAI Global.

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Pressure Gauge ASME B

The difference between the two accuracy tests is the effect of proof pressure expressed as a percentage of span. The maximum pressure applied shall be 12 times the span. Short duration pressure impulses pressure spikes may occur in hydraulic or pneumatic systems, especially when valves open or close. These gauges indicate in terms of absolute pressure, but will be in error by the difference between the ambient pressure and Our website uses cookies.

The 26 The gauge shall be tested for accuracy in accordance with para. The upper and lower housings may be joined by a weld.

It’s easy to join and it’s free. The maximum pressure shall be maintained for at least 10 min. The accuracy, after a zero adjustment is made, shall meet the requirements of para.

A fill fluid should not react adversely with the medium or environment if a leak should occur. The recommended graduated scale arc is deg. Browne, Moeller Instrument Co.


To do this, select the desired language using the flag symbol. The following factors must be considered when remote mounting is required: A larger connection e. The addition of the seal will, however, affect the accuracy of the instrument. They may, however, also reduce accuracy or sensitivity, or both. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail.

1082 Test Gauge

A device that b4.0100 the possibility of an instrument turning after installation on the diaphragm seal. Pressure gauge testing standards and procedures are discussed in section 6. The specific gravity of the fluid may have a distorting effect because of the static head pressure. Gauges used on regulators are usually size 11? For material recommendations see CGA E Class RF c weld size and configuration e.

One example of the many different types in common use b401.00 illustrated in Fig.

Contact supplier for actual mounting dimensions panel openings, bolt circle diameter, etc. Completely fluorinated or chlorinated fluids, or both, may be more suitable for such applications. The closing pressure is adjustable and should be set to close above the full scale range of the pressure gauge and below the rated limit of the elastic element.

The edition bearing the latest date of issuance shall be used. Personnel specifying and installing pressure gauges used on oxy-fuel gas regulators should become familiar with the material presented in this section. Its use is entirely a voluntary matter and shall in no way preclude the manufacture or use of zsme that do not conform.


ASME B40.100

The first symbol designates the type of connection fitting. Light tapping of the gauge case is permissible at each pressure reading. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. In addition, consideration should be given to environmental effects such as corrosion of n40.100 external portions of the diaphragm seal.

This static head pressure will be a function of the fluid specific gravity and the elevation difference between the diaphragm and the sensing element of the instrument.

Careful consideration of its use should be given for hazardous applications. Standards shall have nominal errors no greater than? The gauge shall aeme be placed in a temperature test chamber at an elevated temperature [e.

The pointer may overlap the graduations. This connection may be located in the mid-housing, if supplied [see Fig. Indicating pointers shall be a nonreflective black with white background dials or white when dials have black backgrounds. Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free n40.100 inappropriate posts.

The B40 Standards Committee regularly holds meetings, which are open to the public. These seals provide a basic 2 in. The same sequence shall be repeated on decreasing pressure or vacuum.

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