: Assimil pack cd Iniciacion Euskara (Basque Edition) ( ): Assimil: Books. I’ve been studying with various methods (Assimil, Ikasten, Beginner’s Basque, If you speak French or Spanish, there’s Assimil’s IniciaciĆ³n al euskera – This was. Get Instant Access to Assimil Iniciacion Al Euskara By Ramon Lazkano Jean. Charles Beaumont #67c27a EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK.

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It’ll keep you from trying to progress too fast and not internalize the grammar points and well help things stick. I’m a Basque speaker in Canada, willing to volunteer if needed. Estoy empezando con este idioma gracias al curso de Gorka y a Memrise, pero It would be amazing if you could send in an application to the incubator and see if anyone else you know would be interested in helping create the course.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

In France basque is not really spoken but it seems to me that the language is experiencing a “reborn” and more and more people have interest in it. I just wish it were more complete. Lamia91 9 9 8 5. It’s really interesting i’d even say fun to learn, and everyone is surprised at first and really helpful later when they find you’re studying it.

Las primeras lecciones de su curso son bastante digeribles, pero una vez te presenta los verbos todo va muy deprisa. I’ve got lots of ideas, but so far it’s all pretty sloppy. It’s really not that hard, it won’t be a walk in the park that’s for sure, but its grammar is super fascinating and unlike anything i’ve studied before. Awesome, Basque is a really interesting language. That’d be great if it happened in English, Spanish, or French.


Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

I’d be iniviacion to help out with Spanish if i can. Aun no hay ningun curso de Euskara en duolingo. I will leave a link here to my website if anyone thinks i can be useful in adapting a Basque course for Duolingo. I agree, Euskara is the language i’d like to see most on Duolingo. Kaixo, I’ve been following this thread as I too would duskera to see a Basque course on Duolingo. Incredibly green and mountainous.

Perhaps Basque Euskara can do the same thing. Despues de tantas peticiones. I also would like to see Basque course.

Ni jadanik apuntatu naiz Duolingoren inkubadorean. Let’s see if my application is accepted. I would love to see a Basque course here as well. It’s a free PDF file that a learner of the language put together. Basque, go out into the world. They also aren’t very lenient, i believe most exercises only iniciacioon one correct answer, including for full sentences. There are several other quality courses available.

Well, at least once you get beyond the first few units. At least it would put this language on the radar, and serve Spanish speakers who have Basque heritage or reside in the Basque region and want an additional resource.

I would love to have a course in Euskara. Hainbeste eskaera egin eta gero Let’s just hope Duolingo will add Basque course. A more concerted effort for Euskara would be nice. I would be more than glad to help out but i’m still in the process of learning it and probably not the best candidate to write the course from scratch.


A Catalan for Spanish xssimil is being planned. Maybe soon i’ll have something up and running and people can provide their thoughts on it. There are a few good resources for learning Basque: Adsimil, nire neba Josuk jcartegarci1 eskaera bat egin zuen euskara kurtso bat prestatzen hasteko baina antza denez, oraindik ez dago horretarako asmorik plataformaren aldetik.

In the meantime, i’ve been working on something of my own which should hopefully be a more fun way of learning Basque than the Ikasten course.

Hi Olbapz,I’m very sorry,I haven’t gotten any answers to my application yet. I hope that in addition to the resources you provided, Duolingo will add a course in the near future.

It’s different from every other language i’ve studied, i read about its history, started listening to some Basque music i love Gure lagunei To our friends by Urko, the first Negu Gorriak album, and even some Basque rap like Norte Apacheand even learned a little bit about ancient Basque mythology from the Ikasten course.

As an English speaker, there are a few good resources. Baita ni ere euskalduna naiz.

I’m dying to learn Basque!

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