ASTM D Test Method for Sampling Natural Gas Gives methods for sampling of natural gas, containing different gases as contaminants such as natural. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering This method was issued as a joint ASTM-API standard in This standard has for sampling natural gas is described in Test Method D NOTE 3—The.

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The predetermined temperature for the initial crude distillation is specified by the parties concerned in the evaluation; it is not specified in the method.

ASTM-D | Test Method for Sampling Natural Gas (Withdrawn ) | Document Center, Inc.

Generally applicable to dry solid waste samples containing 0. After thorough mixing of the material, portions for the various analytical de- terminations are weighed and placed in appropriate containers. Procedures adequate for the preparation of a laboratory aastm of RDSF are given in several sources.

Moisture adsor- ber is anhydrous magnesium per- d114 Mg ClOi, 2. All nitrogen re- duced to N2 and, after removal of COz, is measured volumetri- cally. A modification for 1d145 samples is prescribed. Not applicable if water content is less than 0. Applicable to mixtures of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide. Refuse-Derived Solid Fuels Refuse-derived solid fuels RDSF are taken here to primarily include pro- cessed municipal refuse; the processing may include magnetic separation, shredding, air classification, chemical treatment, milling or other such processes.

Applicable to liquid petroleum products. Not known All notes appear on the last page of this table. Acidity due to HC1 is deducted. Detailed procedures for every situation are not available.

Specific references are cited in Table IV-2 for each para- meter. The “spiked” samples, together with a por- tion of the original “unspiked” material, are submitted for analysis. The material is produced by subjecting raw municipal refuse to the following series of operations: May be applicable to MF if sulfur is primar- ily connected with volatile compounds.


Gas turbine fuels 4. It should not be assumed by the researcher or project director that the analytical laboratories Government or private will use the method that is both appropriate and standard.

In this particular case, care should be taken not to in- crease the sample size beyond the safe capacity of the bomb being used. When this is done, the vertical dimensions of d11145 compacted sample must be measured to determine the volume. They have beeji identified in Table IV Standard sampling methods for shale oil and coal liquids have not been developed, but the procedures given in ASTM D”Standard Method of Sampling Petroleum and Petroleum Products”1, will give a significant amount of guidance.

A zstm sample is burned in a bomb calorimeter and the calorific value determined from temperature and time observations made before, asttm, and after combustion.

These seven broad categories were c1145 to facilitate further development and application of environmental technology. The temperature and time best suited for SO and CL corrosion tests are un- known and should be deter- mined by the parties con- cerned.

As with RDSF, the chief weakness of the meth- ods that are not intended for peat analyses may be inadequate sample size. Applicable to relatively non-volatile petroleum products which oartially decompose on distillation at atmospheric pressure. All of these properties vary with water content, and. With regard to the other methods, no data were available indicating the preferred methods were applicable. The relatively small number of compounds possible in gaseous fuels has re- sulted in the development of methods for the identification and measure- ment of individual major and minor components using either gas chromato- graphy or mass dd1145.


Io- dine and bromine, if pre- sent, will add to chlorine result. Refuse-Derived Solid Fuels 77 B. For low ash coke, a large sample size of 5 g may be necessary. P See data given in Reference 2. Should be appli- cable for RDSF. OZ P Repeatability; 0. Will not be adequate for finely milled peat. The copper strip is then removed, washed and com- pared with the ASTM Copper Strip Corrosion D145 Mod- ifications are given for dif- ferent types of petroleum pro- ducts; in some cases the parties concerned must astk the temp- erature and time for the test.

ASTM D2983 Lubricating Oils Lubricants Low-Temperature Brookfield Viscometer

See Reference 1 for additional information. Assumes other halogens are not present; lower limit of applicability is 0. Estimated range based on prices charged by one or more service laboratories for coal analyses in early Specifically appli- cable to determination of water in the presence of alcohols.

Those substances which are most accurately characterized, either by pre- paration or by analysis, are generally termed “certified” reference mate- rials.

Environmental Protection Agency, have been grouped into seven series. Method should be applicable for any synthesis or reformer gas. The sulfur, as sulfate in the bomb washings, is deter- mined gravimetrially as barium sulfate.

Sulfur continued to in 4. The Bureau of Mines aatm states that the specific gravity, sulfur con- tent, nitrogen content, pour point, and viscosity are to be obtained on the dried asrm. Method should be applicable for SO and Cl.

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