ASTM E() – Standard Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size Using Semiautomati. Purchase your copy of ASTM E – 97() as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards. The ASTM Designation: E–97 requires five hundred data points for a given sample and this analysis is time-consuming and tedious for the.

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L values are handled in the same way as P mens. Only whole grains should be in the test area. A large number of measurements over several? A substantial percentage of the grain boundaries are not visible and the annealing twins are revealed. L value is converted grain size was found to be Take the micrographs at random, that is, without bias in the? Grains intersecting the test area border must be deleted.

Precision and Bias Definitions of Terms Specific to This Standard. NOTE 2—There are other procedures for dealing with e13382 that intersect the test area border. The grain size measurement methods described in the following paragraphs are those known to asgm results with acceptable precision and minimal bias. Excessively deep scratches, excessive relief, preparation-induced deformation, pull-out and other artifacts will produce false detail and promote inaccurate measurements.

Aa fraction such as by Practice E of the phase of interest, A? Excessive relief, pitting or pullout must be avoided. Nuclear fissile materials, see Summary of Test Method.


ASTM E()_图文_百度文库

When using an eyepiece reticle, use of a single test circle, of diameter signi? If the degree of grain elongation is of interest, measure the average chord length parallel and perpendicular e13382 the deformation direction in the same manner as described in This table may be used to estimate the ASTM grain size based upon the particular mean test value obtained in the analysis.

Alternatively, a greater number of micrographs can be made and analyzed. In this case, the average number of intercepts or intersections should be at least 25 zstm circle. These equations measured parameters: Other treatment conditions, such as as-hot rolled, as-hot forged, or as-cold drawn, may be tested as required but it must be recognized that the grain structure for these conditions may not be equiaxed.

These measurements are made for a large number of grains, or all of the grains in a given area, within a microscopical?

However, because it aatm difficult to combine these standard deviations, the simplest procedure would be to calculate lai for each? Measure the entire area of the largest observed grain section. In the case of round bars, radial longitudinal and transverse surfaces are employed.

A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. L, or the mean lineal intercept intersections per unit length, P length,? With an inverted-type microscope, simply place the specimen face down on the stage plate and hold it in place with the stage clamps.

ASTM E1382 – 97(2015)

Image editing cannot be performed reliably. If directed test lines rather than random are used for intercept counts on non-equiaxed grains in plate or sheet type specimens, the required measurements can be made using only two principle test planes, rather than all three, due to the equivalence of test directions, as described in A1.


Specimens must be carefully cleaned and dried after polishing. If you feel that your comments have not received a fair hearing you should make your views known to the ASTM Committee on Standards, at the address shown below.

L only will be presented. Digital correction methods for nonuniform illumination may be used subsequently; however, these methods should not be used in lieu of proper microscope alignment and adjustment. This procedure should be repeated on each of at least? Last previous edition approved in as E — 97 Current edition approved Nov.

The square root of the pooled variance is the pooled standard deviation. Minor image editing would be required before measurement. Easily measured with a digitizing tablet; some image editing would be required for automatic image analysis. High levels of humidity must be avoided as staining of specimen surfaces may occur astk, or before, analysis. L value is converted to a lineal 9. For manual stage movement, move the x- and y-stage controls without looking at the image.

Then calculate the mean lineal intercept,? Afor e13882 measured? The simplest is to?

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