Stranger to History. A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands. Aatish Taseer. Stranger to History. download cover image. “Stranger to History is a. I met Aatish Taseer. in New York last year, at the prize-giving ceremony of the National Book Awards of the USA. (my wife’s book, The Convert. Stranger to History – A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands by Aatish Taseer – ebook () published by Canongate 19 March The story of a .

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Another absence is traditional, diverse Islam.

The struggles of youth caught between trying to integrate in a dynamic and changing world and being enforced on the basis strangerr a world order written centuries ago in the 21st century is lucidly detailed. A significant portion of the hajj or umrah consisted of rituals which predated Islam but were grounded in Arabia. Dec 10, Akshat Upadhyay rated it it was amazing.

These are reflected in the observations that he ends up making the book. Want to Read saving….

People of other religions are thought to belong to other species. For this he was murdered, in cold blood, by a member of his own security detail, in Another man says to him: It’s not JUST a travelogue.

As expressed by representative men in Turkey, Islam wants to dominate the world, where they are ready to grant the right to life to other religionists and perhaps nothing taserr. Not only that, but in Sind too, where once great variety had been absorbed, bitter division was to be found in what was now relative homogeneity.


I understand that feeling as well. Though Taseer writes repeatedly that he wants to understand the young Muslim psyche, and indeed tries and partly succeeds in doing hisyory, the book is not entirely about that either.


The Islam Taseer encountered was more an evangelist one. Being raised in a atheist household almost two decades later in the same country as Taseer, the struggle to come in terms with an identity hit home. Of course the book is also shot through with Taseer’s relationship with his father.

Mar 08, Karishma rated it really liked it. Aatish tries to talk to his from his school, but ends up having a cold conversation with this father. The Nagore dargah is another, a short motorcycle ride away from Karaikal, where we would ride to, and pray whenever we could.

Stranger to History – A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands by Aatish Taseer – Canongate Books

I discovered travel writing when I was well into my 20s. And when I refer to Taseer as Indian, it is not a light remark. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Aatish Taseer is Indian, his father is Pakistani, and his maternal family are partition refugees.

Strongly recommended to all. It is a one-sided tale. And why did Muslims regard modernity as a threat? This journey takes us first to Turkey. The liberal outlook was there for all to see before everything went to hell in The author clearly favors pluralism, with people of all points of view living together, that he finds to be more common in India.

Yes, there are people, in fact the youth that dreams of Islamic renaissance and revel the past glory when the Muslims ruled over pretty much the entire world.

Review: Stranger to History by Aatish Taseer | Books | The Guardian

Jan 10, Ryan Murdock rated it liked it. The youth has become strangers to their own history, where pre-Islamic history is blacked out. Feuds among brothers are common in families, and when a partition plan acceptable to all is stish, peace eventually returns. Would look forward to reading your Triology. It makes for an informative read but it is easy to lose interest owing to the melancholy tone. When I sought work in Delhi, my prospective employers asked me if I knew how to mix a dry martini or who had created the literary character Lord Emsworth.


It should have been an rewarding experience for him, but he does not manage to convey the full import of what the journey meant for him to the reader.

Aatish Taseer was born of out of a t week of passion between a Sikh Indian mother and a Pakistani Muslim father. There also, Islam encompasses all its followers under a species, jokingly called Homo Islamicos. Recent events have added a coda to Stranger to Historyas his father was murdered by a political assassin.

This decoding of contemporary Muslim identity and reality by virtue of travel and interviews in key Muslim nations Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia Iran, Pakistan and other undocumented detours into Jordan and Yemenwould in his tentative plan, help him bridge the gulf of empathy for a father who is a warden and defender of an Islamic republic for decades. Taseer personifies the psychological world he grew up in, Dtranger, India, haunted by its pre-Partition past. Stranger to HistoryPicador India, They also consider their own governments and political classes as corrupted by western style.

‘Stranger to History’ by Aatish Taseer

While the subtle infusion of pain, suffering and loss in a text draws me on most days, it doesn’t, in here. In Iran, where the nation-state imposes a literal Islam, he sees a people at odds with the history being fed to them. And then comes Pakistan.

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