Khutba e Fidak Urdu – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Bagh e by Muhammad Tariq Hanafi Sunni Lahori. Usage CC0 Universal. Topics Bagh e , urdu, islamic book. Collection. Hazrat Syedina Abubakr Siddique aur dosray Khulafa nay Bagh e Fidak kyu Syeda Fatima RaziAllah anha aur Ahlebait kay hawalay nahe kia.

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Quran ne jaha sahaba k acche amal ki taarif ki hai wahi unke bure amal ki mazammat ki hai. God ordered bzgh grant it to you. We have proved from an esteemed Sunni source that Rasulullah s acknowledged that the hearts of the Sahaba towards his true rightful Khalifa Imam Ali as were not pure. Bukhari online maujood hai.

Aur kitabe jaane dijiye.

What is the History of Bagh e Fidak? – Page 2 – CSS Forums

November 19, at That which Allah giveth as spoil unto His messenger from the people of the townships, it is for Allah and His messenger and for the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, that it become not a commodity between the rich among you. The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that CSSForum has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message.


The descendant replied that the first boundary of Fadak was Adenthe second Naghthe third the Maghriband the fourth the Armenian Sea. April 12, at 5: Ye aapne koi kitab padi bhi hai ya apne mullayon ki andi taqleed kar rahe hain.

We read in Kanz ul Ummal: The Banu an-Nadir property was kept for his emergent needs, Fadak for travellers, and Khaybar was divided by the Apostle of Allah into three sections: You need to be a member in order to leave ln comment.

Bagh e Fidak.pdf

S mere jiger ka tokera hay. Another narration is Rajab 15th. October 21, udu When Sayyida Zaynab as appeared before Yazid as a prisoner in Sham Syriaeven he never subjected her to the type of swear words that Abu Bakr exposed Hadhrat Fatima as to. Ye ek Taarikhi haqiqat hai jo aap ki mutaddid kitabon me maujood hain.

Fadak – Wikipedia

Newer Post Older Post Home. Fidak Fadak or Fedak Ka Bagh ka Istamal Khalifa Waqt ki Marzi par munhasir tha is mazmoon ko mulahza farmaiay shia kutab kay hawalay kay saath mudallal bayan hai. The Ismailis in the Middle Ages: Umm Iman is a woman of paradise.

Allah is stern in reprisal. January 29, at 4: So Abu Bakr refused to hand over anything from it to Fatima who got angry with Abu Bakr for this reason. As there are many comments from ‘anonymous’ people on every urru.

The claim was rejected by the ruling caliph, Abu Bakr, on the grounds that Fadak was public property and arguing that Muhammad had no heirs. Al-Imamah wa al-Siyasa, Vol. He stated as follows in Minhaj as Sunnah:.


To sahaba ko maasoom maanna kaha tak sahi hai. Shia sirf un sahaba ko bura kehte hai jinhone aal e paak ka haq gasb kiya.

Copyright Umar Design by: She forsook him and did not talk to him until the end of her life. Or did she blatantly disregard the word of her father? One who withdraws his band krdu obedience to the Amir will find no argument in his defence when he stands before Allah on the Day of Judgment, and ib who dies without having bound himself by an oath of allegiance to an Amir will die the death of one belonging to the days of Jahillyya.

Bagh E Fidak Shia Sunni Nazariyat Ki Roshni Main By Nawab Muhsin Ul Mulk Mehdi Ali Khan

Asalmalikum mera tamam firqo say talook rakhne waly khawateen aur hazrat say sirf chand sawalat hain jawab zaror dayn ap loog. Register a new account.

When Umar became Caliph, the value of the land of Fadak along with its dates was 50, dirhams.

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