Li Kao may have a slight flaw in his character but the book has none. I recommend it unconditionally and I predict Barry Hughart has quite a. The first time I read Barry Hughart’s Bridge of Birds, I cried. I cried because the ending was that beautiful, because it was that sweet, and. When the children of his village were struck with a mysterious illness, Number Ten Ox found master Li Kao. Together they set out to find the Great Root of Power .

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I’m really looking forward to checking out the other two books in the series, as I purchased all 3 in the eBook omnibus. Block out some time when you can sit and fall into the story and really get absorbed in it, because let me promise you – it will be well worth it.

Archived from the original on 10 October Once read, bridgge marvels and beauty will not easily fade from the mind. It’s no more irreverent or wacky than many modern Chinese movies, and Hughart incorporates real folklore in addition to his own creations.

Mar 23, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: Li Kao has devised a giant paper kite so it can ride to safety. I have little to add about the book itself in this second review—my first review stands. The village of Ku-Fu, the story goes, was home to a section of the Great Wall, commissioned by the Emperor of China many centuries ago. As you may have guessed by now the tone is rather light hearted throughout. It’s set fo medieval China, which is a setting I’ve never read before personally in fantasy – so that was a really nice change as well, but I can’t say how “historically accurate” it was because I have no idea.

Bridge of Birds – Wikipedia

There are a lot of notable minor characters as well, including Pawnbroker Bridte and Ma the Grub, who somehow manage to turn up all through the story, always being chased by the people they’ve cheated.


The book’s description doesn’t do it justice and in fact doesn’t let on to what actually takes place in the story. I’ve been reading a ton of grim dark recently, Abercrombie, Weeks, Jeminsin, and I was getting a little worn down with it.

It is clever, funny and very original. I stepped through the door and jumped aside, just in time to avoid being struck bridg a wine jar that hurtled through the air and smashed against the far wall. Together they set out to find the Great Root of Power, the only possible cure. I wish that I were more familiar with Chinese culture and fo This book is different from most fantasy novels I have read.

There are numerous allusions to actual Chinese cultural practices and events in Bridge of Birdsincluding the following:. Shipping and discount codes are added at checkout.

I brought this hugghart about this time last year; this is now my fourth read of it. It is my fervent prayer that the path you take will lead you ten thousand miles from the Monastery of Sh’u.


Retrieved 14 Oct For one thing, there turns out to be not one quest, but a tedious succession of them, into dark labyrinths from which there is no escape, etc. With comic-book characters, echoes of Lewis Carroll, and Sinological trappings galore: It’s only about pages, so it makes for a quick read once you get into it. Archived from the original on 25 February View all 8 comments. Number Ten Ox is far deeper than he first seems, than even he himselfs think he is, and Wow. He was even more surprised when my real hands reached out.

What a fun ride. It feels more like a translation of a Chinese mythological tale than a novel written by a guy named Barry in Journal of Qiqihar University.

Back at the village of Ku-Fu, the children are cured. He found master Li Kao, a scholar with a slight flaw in his character. Amongst myself and those I have met in my life in the West, little to none ever received any Asian history lessons.

The book includes elements of China’s history of inventiveness and ingenuity, as well as cultural myths that extend beyond its borders.

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Because it’s so much more fun when it’s a helpless girl who needs rescuing — making it a guy would just be boring. During Hughart’s military service he began to develop his lifelong interest in China that l Hughart was educated at Phillips Academy Andover.

The children of a village aged between 8 and 13 are mysteriously poisoned leaving the villagers in a state of shock and worry. What did his wife and sisters-in-law do that was barrg awful as to deserve death by dismemberment? Stories like this sink or swim by the strength of their framing, since there’s no shortage of books founded on “quirky duo goes on adventures.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. It’s What a fun ride. The translation naturally possessing none of the qualities of the native tongue-twister, Hughart nevertheless tosses it into the text as esoterica, uncaring whether the reader sinks or swims getting their head around hughagt. To view it, click here.

A young fellow living in ancient China has been dispatched to find help from a wise man – any wise man available for a handful of copper pennies – for the children of his village have collapsed with some type of plague affecting only those between This hilarious and charming book is probably the most fun bro-mance I’ve ever run across! Hughart makes the folktales and legends of ancient China seem utterly commonplace and this lends to the surreality of the story.

Hughart appropriating certain elements of Chinese history and culture for its comical, fantastical, and ultimately informative potential, its near impossible for the story not to leave a mark in the mind, the exoticness that is China bright on the page.

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