Manualc di l&Eruzionc instruction Manual Mcded Emplol @BERETTA _e . 11 TYPE F DESCRIPTION Beretta S semi-automatic pistols, available in. Unofficial Beretta Site: really neat site, complete with the history of the model 92 70 (Thanks to Ed Ruesing, he gave me the opportunity to post the manual). Field Stripping. Last Updated on Sat, 10 Nov | Beretta S Semi. WARNING: Make sure the pistol is unloaded. If not, unload it following the.

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The type and capacity of magazine for current Model S pistols is as follows: Remove the magazine from the pistol by depressing the magazine release mankal F ig.

I Engage the manual safety, if present, by pushing the safety lever up, so as to cover the Red Warning Dot Fig. The external hammer allows the mwnual to visually and immediately determine that the hammer is cocked, half-cocked or lowered.

In addition to the Basic Safety Rules, there are other Safety Rules pertaining to the loading, unloading, disassembly, assembly and use of this firearm, located throughout this manual.

Befetta your finger away from the trigger whenever you do not intend to fire. If the firing pin catch lever is not positioned downward, the slide-barrel assembly cannot be reassembled.

Keep changing the patch until it emerges clean. You are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of your firearm. Front and rear sights are designed for swift target acquisition. Both sights are removable and replaceable. To further familiarize yourself with the proper use of this or other firearms, take a Firearms Safety Course taught by an expert in firearms use and safety procedures. Type D pistols are designed to fire in the double action mode only.

In case you hear an unusual noise when shooting, stop firing immediately, mnaual the manual safety and unload the firearm. Never pull or push a loaded firearm toward yourself or another person. It also guarantees a firm hold even with wet hands.


Do not drink and shoot. The manual safety can be engaged only when the hammer is in cock or half-cock position.

Beretta – Unofficial Beretta Site

By disengaging the manual safety pushing the safety lever completely downward – Red Warning Dot Visible it is possible to fire in double action. This lever allows the user to decock the hammer without requiring trigger pull or lowering of the hammer by hand. Reinsert the slide-barrel assembly with recoil springs in the frame guides Fig.

If necessary, use the supplied brush. The longer, heavier trigger pull of the double action makes inadvertent discharge less likely, while the lighter, shorter single action trigger pull allows faster, more accurate discharge of subsequent rounds. After long use it could be necessary to first clean these parts using the supplied brush. If the hammer is uncocked or in half-cock position, the pull on the trigger will first cock the hammerand release it. Releasing the fully retracted slide when a loaded magazine is in the pistol will feed a cartridge into the pistol’s firing chamber.

Model S – Type F pistols feature an ambidextrous manual safety lever. If necessary, first clean the bore with a gun solvent. Excess oil and grease obstructing the bore, even partially, is very dangerous when firing and may cause barrel rupture and serious injury to the shooter and bystanders.

Before loading a pistol, always engage the manual safety. Dry the parts carefully with a clean patch.

Model S cal. After a short run of barrel- slide assembly, the barrel engages the front block and clears the locking recesses on the slide.

Full text of “Beretta S”

Do not apply excess beretts. Hunters and target shooters should load their firearm only at their destination. The slide is designed to stay open after the last cartridge has been fired and the spent shell casing has been ejected.

Double action trigger pull is considered a safety feature because it allows the user to attempt to refire a non-firing cartridge simply by pulling the trigger a second time, rather maanual having to unload the non-firing round before the pistol can be used again.


Put the hammer in the half-cock position to engage manual safety Fig. Insert the brush into the barrel from the chamber and scrub the chamber and bore thoroughly. Model S – Type F pistols fire double action on the first round and single action on subsequent rounds. It is advisable to carry out the field stripping and the assembly operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

A shooter must always wear impact resistant shooting glasses when firing any firearm. When the safety lever is moved all the way upward, past the safety position, it allows safe hammer lowering. The lock-up of the barrel is obtained by its two locking lugs engaging the slide.

Beretta S Owner Manual (IT – ENG – FR)

Loaded Chamber Indicator Fig. Model S manuak feature a blocking device that prevents forward movement of the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. The pistol can then be fired.

It is imperative that you know and use the safety features of the particular firearm you are handling, 9000w accidents can best be prevented by following the safe handling procedures described in these safety rules and elsewhere in the product manual.

The safety lever will stop in the safety position with the hammer in half-cock position Fig. Never spray or apply oil to the cartridges. If you carry a firearm for self-protection, leaving the chamber unloaded can reduce the chance of accidental discharge. This system has allowed Beretta to maintain its distinctive and classic “open-barrel” slide design.

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