F.S.A.A., K.A., A.I.S.A., F.C.I.S. Haridas Qhos’i, Esq., M.A. Narendranath Sarkar, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.A., R.A., A.C.W.P., A.C.I.S., Bhanumati Had manat h. Pittard. Race and History. Paper VII— Outlines of Cultural Anthropology Risley. daily daily http://health daily. Bastian KA & Sons. 17 Hilton Pl. DUNCRIAG Pittard John Henry. 6 Chester St. SYLVANIA NSW Tailor Bhanumati Nagindas. 95 Hertford Rd.

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Bogra Midnapur Sylliet Assam. It is expected that this amount of Rs. N Biiavchandra Mukhorjoe, Esq. School Dhing Khargcswar Barua H.

Jogendranath Bagchi, Tarka Sankhya-Vodantatirtha. Pieces to be read: School Pura Durgacharan H. Itrat Hossnin Zuberi, Esq.

Mathematics Pass and Hons. Should the Syndicate bo pleased to accept the conditions herein indi- cated anti communicate thoir decision to me at an early date, I shall arrange to place the sum at bahnumati disposal Of tho Registrar on hearing from you. Our India Oxford University Press. Department of Mathematics Prof. Sarkar Memorial Fund handed over to tho University authorities a cheque for Ks.


English, Mathematics Cl ministry.


Khan Bahadur Badiur Ralunan, B. A Junior Hi itory of India. English, Mat homat ics, Physics, Chemistry. N Maulvi Ebrahim Khan, M. History Pass and Hons. Bengalwho was intimately connected with the University of Calcutta on the following conditions: Metallurgy and tho manufacture of razor blades, knives and stainless steel goods ; also welding from tlie Metallurgi- cal point of pitard Sheffield Univorsity.

Science — pittatd The problem of fish cultivation in Bengal. Add new content Browsering Content Search Interface.

Honours Course as required under the conditions of the award. Presidency College Bandyopadhyay, Ajitkumar. English Pass and lions.

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Books prescribed for Rapid Reading: Rai Bahadur Jitendramohan Sen, B. School Dharampur Abdul Karim H. Biswas of 9, Middle Road, Calcutta, during my absence pittarc desiro that communications meant for them may be sent on to me for transmission to proper quarters. School ESK Kurhinuu Tat ini Das, M. School H Kaliabar H.

English, Vernacular, His- tory. The selection of tho Firm or Firms should depend on the nature of training d wired, which should he determined by the Selection Board from time to timo. City of Angels, The Crow: Jn tho event of the absence of tho recipient the award shall be announced by tho Vice-Chancellor at tho Convocation. Bakarganj Faridpur Chittagong 13— U.


Padinanath Gohain Barua — [Jdhav Sangbad. Union Institution Dighirjan H. If more funds are raised in memory of the late Mr. Ashima Chat, ter jee, D. Sylhct Ask n 1 o.

There shall ho set apart before starting operation of the scheme, a sum of Rs. Institution ESK Matialmrz That not later than 31st March every year a Hoard of Adjudicators shall be constituted as follows: Bengali Second Language – Pass and Hons.

School Rajoro Gopalganj K. Shung-Shcn Chorn , Prof. Amaroschandra Chakra bartv, Esq. Bharatvarshor Aitihosik Manchitra Kz and Cb. Examination in Persian of the University of Calcutta or Dacca.

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