Coming of age in second life: an anthropologist explores the virtually human / Tom Boellstorff. p. cm. . cuses on sexuality in Indonesia (Boellstorff , ). Tom Boellstorff says about his book “Coming of age in second life” that “one goal of this book’s analysis is to argue for a rehabilitation and. Review: Coming of Age in Second Life by Tom BoellstorffThe movement from techno-idealism to disillusion is recapitulated here in accelerated.

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I enjoyed reading this ethnography a lot!

Fashion design is considered a competitive business in Second Life and those users ot design the clothing actually make on average around a thousand dollars a year. Given that the man’s partner, Bill Maurer has presided over the death of language, this sort of almost positivist unreconstructed Boasianism is not a little surprising–maybe they have a Jack Spratt and spouse thing going on when it comes to high-flown post-humanist theory.

The author did all of his fieldwork inside of Second Life, a virtual reality MMO where players can create virtual versions of themselves. It’s quite an interestimg read. Miller and Slater for insisting on embedding online worlds in actual worlds.

Thus, he overlooks the possibilities to consider the scripting and building activities in Second Life as hacking.

Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human by Tom Boellstorff

Strictly-speaking, these humanity through detailed studies are more chat rooms or PC games of local life, supplemented by com- than virtual worlds, but the method- parison.

Barbara Piperata rated it really liked it Jun 16, There are nine boundaries of time and geographi- chapters spanning the three sec- cal distance. Jul 03, Dragos rated it liked it Shelves: An actual economy exists in Second Life, which relies on skilled laborers who even sometimes make their actual world livings by serving as builders, fashion, furniture and textile designers, and even sex workers and strippers.


Tom Boellstorff takes a fascinating approach to researching culture in one of the largest boellstofff communities called Second Life.

Summary of Boellstorff (), Coming of Age in Second Life | media/anthropology

Finally, actual-world meetings of SL residents took place but exaggerating their importance reveals common assumption that cybersociality not meaningful in its own right. This book also does nothing to dispel my impression that Second Life manages to be simultaneously boring and creepy. Eriksen7 ology would still be practicable in re- In closing, graduate students lation to these environments.

It indeed provides one of the most comprehensive and original analyses on the culture in virtual worlds, however I wish this book could have presented a more complex view. It’s rare that someone takes what is deemed an academic book to bed as her nightly reading, but Boellstorff has a voice and writing style that is fit for a number of readers–from the academic to the lay person wanting to know more about virtual worlds.

Summary: Coming of Age in Second Life – Boellstorff, T. (2008)

Previous post Chapter 9. The potential for [the] Hawthorne The practices of constructing the effect, wherein the presence of ideal representation of oneself are the researcher alters the online not historically unique, as one could events, familiarity among the say that statues of the Greeks and participants In the book, Boellstorff, or Tom Bukowski his SL avatardedicates the first section to outlining the history of virtual worlds before turning to the methodological approach he undertook to conduct his fieldwork.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Coming boelstorff Age in Second Life: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Takes issue with previous Internet ethnographies boellstoeff. Grounded Theory, tingent circumstances of the re- ethnography and phenomenol- search and the main purpose of ogy: Feb 10, Travis Wagner rated it it was amazing. European in contemporary circumstances.

Based on these definitions, second live can be considered like a reality but not real in the French philosophical sense because second live goellstorff exist autonomously, and is a certainly a product of thought. Help Center Find new research papers in: Total surveillance, no privacy for avatars, users always aware of this.

Coming of Age in Second Life

Anyway, this focus produces interesting “ethnographic detail” but precludes a focus on the interlinkages and crossing of boundaries between field and non-field or virtual and non-virtual that made Samoa and make Second life such messy, interesting phenomena. By this sentence extract from the part of the book dedicated to describe the everyday second live a new topic.

Excellent look at the overall culture of Second Life. This approach was especially appealing to me as it allowed me to think about my motivating question in a unique way.

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