Zhuyin is also called “bo-po-mo-fo”, which represents the sounds of the first four phonetic symbols of this system. This chart contains the 37 phonetic Zhuyin. Details of Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo, the phonetic script used to show the pronunciation of Chinese characters in Download this chart in Word or PDF format. There is a straight one-to-one correspondence between ZhuYin (BoPoMoFo) and PinYin (Chinese Romanization), with the few exceptions listed at the end of.

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Our textbooks were from Mainland China, so we learned simplified characters, with Pinyin transliterations that our books would phase out after a while. Where the official language is Mandarin Chinese.

Do you really want to sound any more like a foreigner than you have to? Now, even though I can read perhaps at best,characters, I can read every single word in this sample because of the zhuyin.

It seems so obvious and unnecessary to point out, but nevertheless, I did. bpomofo

Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo (注音符號/ㄅㄆㄇㄈ)

Chinese has several sounds that are not in English, and many that are slightly different. Also, I made a converter long ago so you can see what how zhuyin was converted into pinyin 50 some years ago. Below is an example for the word “bottle” pinyin: On paper, copy the Zhuyin chaft a few times.

An umlaut is placed over the bopmoofo u when it occurs after the initials l and n in order to represent the sound [y]. Listen to a recording of this text Translation All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Emoticons Emoji iConji Leet Unicode. This helps children recognize and remember the parts and components of more complicated characters. For the mythological creature, see Zhulong mythology. Many of the Zhuyin symbols are modelled on obsolete or cursive characters. And yes, I am well aware that Google Translate is a continual work in progress.


Hopomofo is one of the few input methods that can be found on most modern personal computers without the user having to download or install any additional software. This article contains IPA phonetic symbols. No need to make it something to study as a separate part of learning Chinese. BCE Etruscan 8 c.

I have divided the characters themselves into 5 sections, and added an additional section for each of the 5 Special Rules listed above. Bopmoofo animals body parts celebrations chickens children’s books Chinese Lesson Blurb daily life food grammar health holidays idioms interview music practice resources radicals relationships science shopping slang translation issues travel weather work. For kids in English speaking countries, there is a cart Immersion schools delay the teaching of pinyin until their students have already mastered reading in English.

I just stumbled on your blog. CE Coptic 3 c.

Zhuyin fuhao / Bopomofo

I am, on my best best best day, at aboutcharacters. When I would review the handwritten lesson at home, I used a couple of bopomofo-pinyin conversion charts I had, but I always found those charts a bit cluttered and oddly organized.

I have never been swayed by the phonics argument. Allow me to lay out my reasons for using Zhuyin instead. I speak, but cannot read save for 10 words. One will be secured to a pull out extension on my main desk, and the other will be taped down like wallpaper on my lap desk. You get tired of reading about frogs and cats very fast!

I am a Chinese school flunkie. I have never attempted any systematic study to just learn the bopomofo symbols. Zhuyin in Taiwan Says: They do an equally good job with Mandarin phonics. That is boring and stupid because it assumes that there can only be one thing that helps kids and adults learn Chinese. Egyptian hieroglyphs 32 c.


Incidentally, I could write a post focusing on a lower standard of literacy, but really, what would be the point? Zhuyin King is still chadt an alpha state. For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help: The first year or so, I stuck to pinyin for learning about Chinese pronunciation. October 29, at 3: In Taiwan, zhuyin is only phased out at the 3rd-4th grade level so children can afford to learn Chinese characters at a slower bopomlfo than their Mainland Chinese counterparts. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to use it for their own language!?

To put things in perspective, she had learned Chinese as a child and spoken it up until around the age of October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Chadt in mind, almost anything with Zhuyin will use Traditional Chinese, standard in Taiwan. BCE Phoenician 12 c.

A Simple BoPoMoFo Chart Helps Me Learn Chinese

It is also the most common method of data entry in that country. Why get hung up on English spelling conventions when Zhuyin gives you the opportunity to completely forget cgart From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Without proper rendering supportyou may see transcriptions in parentheses after the character instead of ruby glosses.

BCE Hieratic 32 c.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. CE Greek 8 c.

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