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I picked this up today from goodwill. Bowe also have the same model Bose that’s buzzing and want to recap the board. It has its own unique sound signature that sounds good at desktop volumes. Previous topic Next topic. I bought all the caps from Mouser and the total cost with shipping was just over 13 dollars.

The rest mostly do not matter. If not, Aawr1-1w just stick with Plan A and see what happens. Then to prove that the sound is coming from the radio they unplug it.

How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWR1-1W System

In the pictures above you will see some discoloration on the main board, that is capacitor juice from the electrolytics. Apr Mon 11, 3: Thanks Look on the circuit board for little patches around the electrolytics. Ours is a version 2 with 3 AA batteries and the internal antenna.

Well I thought so as well, but when I moved it to the bedroom, it was comparable to the other one I have, I think my bench light that made it look dim.


How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWRW System | It Still Works

Jan Tue 01, Thing is, there doesn’t appear to be any cap leakage. Some refused to believe the sound they were hearing came from a little radio. Views Read Edit View history.

At the time of its discontinuation, the Acoustic Wave Music System II featured a year-old dated design, as well as a lack of features offered by its smaller siblings. When waking to music from the alarm it slowly increases the volume to your preset level rather than an bosf on at immediate the full volume set level.

First thing you need to do is get some denatures alcohol and a paint brush. I would really like to see someone do an actual analysis of one of these and see exactly bode it can and cannot do. The next step is to recap the display board. Feb Wed 17, 2: C temps or higher. May Sat 23, 5: He reported that they had good response down to 70hz which is more than good enough for most music.

Archived from the original awr1-1 November 5, I’ve never done anything like this before, and even don’t understand the different types of capacitors.

Wwr1-1w Sun 24, 8: With the use of the remote you can control all functions from a reasonable distance which would allow placement of the unit at various locations. A headphone jack was added, as well as Boselink compatibility and MP3 playback. It’s main issue was barely audible sound and a faint display. Burt I bought the cheapest Electrolytics I could find from either mouser or digikey.

I would replace them all anyways, if the unit was plugged in for most of its life then it has been running for almost 20 years. Carefully seperate the black bottom from the remainder of the radio. Of course, caps can short inside and not leak – at least, that’s what I understand. But, is there a way to determine if the buzz is coming from the IC and not the caps?


If you want to tell the age of a Bose speaker system, you can find this information in a few places. Google [Bot] and 2 guests.

Also included was a new remote control, which was now thicker and smaller than before, yet replaced the tactile “bubble switches” with a more durable rubberized keypad. Books Support This Site: Decent performing tabletop radio, somewhat bosw on its abilities though. Blse Sat 23, 3: After recapping the radio works great again, maybe good for another 20 years.

The clock, radio, and alarm are nice features that are almost universally lacking on similar new products. This one showed no sign of leakage and I didn’t smell any fishy odor while working on it. His articles have appeared on a variety of websites.

I did install caps rated at voltages higher than what are in the radio. If you really want brand names then these are ones reported to be good:

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